You’ll be shocked by what this top Senate Democrat told Anderson Cooper about Joe Biden’s border policies

Mar 6, 2024

Joe Biden campaigned on a promise of amnesty and taxpayer-funded handouts for any illegal immigrant who crossed the border and entered the country.

Record numbers of illegal aliens have crossed the border during Biden’s first three years in office.

That’s why you’ll be shocked by what this top Senate Democrat told Anderson Cooper about Joe Biden’s border policies.

Joe Biden’s border crisis

Joe Biden went to work putting his open borders agenda into practice on his first day in office.

He halted construction on the border wall, ended Trump’s successful Remain in Mexico Protocols, and restored the practice of catch and release.

Biden’s lax border security, combined with taxpayer-funded handouts and Democrats establishing sanctuary cities, led to record numbers of illegal immigrants entering the country in the last three years.

More than 7.5 million illegal aliens have crossed the border on Joe Biden’s watch.

With polls showing illegal immigration is the top concern for voters in the election, Joe Biden is pretending to care about border security.

Trump and Biden Visit the Border

On Thursday, both Donald Trump and Joe Biden made separate trips to Texas to tour the area and meet with Border Patrol agents.

Donald Trump ripped Joe Biden for opening up the border and creating the crisis America now faces.

“Three years ago, we had the most secure border in history, people weren’t coming because they knew they couldn’t get in, we weren’t promising free education, free medical, free everything,” Trump said.

Of course, Joe Biden is trying to gaslight Americans into believing that he is the one pushing for border security and the Republicans are standing in the way.

During his brief speech at the border in Texas, Biden blamed Republicans for not passing his “comprehensive” immigration bill and for blocking recent “bipartisan” Senate border sellout.

Democrat Senator:  Biden “implemented one of the toughest” immigration policies in history

On Thursday, Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) appeared on CNN’s AC360 for an interview with host Anderson Cooper about the border crisis.

“Do you accept that President Biden and his team waited too long, because there is an argument that he waited too long to address the gravity of this crisis?” Cooper asked Murphy.

Murphy went one step further than Joe Biden’s claim that he is trying to secure the border.

The Senator told Cooper that Biden “implemented one of the toughest” immigration policies in history on Day One.

“Well, President Biden, in his first week or so in office, introduced an immigration and border reform bill,” Murphy said. “And though it didn’t get any coverage in the press, he implemented one of the toughest new regulatory regimes at the border in decades, a regime that was opposed, by, frankly, many progressive immigration groups,” he continued. “So, it’s just actually not true when people say, well, President Biden didn’t do anything on the border until this summer, he actually has.”

Murphy also pointed the finger at Republicans instead of Joe Biden.

“And what also changed is that, finally, Republicans, we thought, were willing to come to the table and get something done, something they were not willing to do for the first three years of President Biden’s term in office,” he concluded.

Joe Biden and the Democrats are in for a rude awakening if they believe they can convince Americans that the border crisis is Donald Trump and the GOP’s fault.

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