What these left-wing activists did to a historic Catholic Cathedral will make your blood boil

Feb 23, 2024

The woke left-wing outrage mob is on a fascist mission to force every human to not only accept but also to actively participate in making their extremist fantasies a reality.

It’s simply not enough for them to be able to live their lives as they please, they also have to force everyone else to live exactly the way their warped ideology demands.

And what these left-wing activists did to a historic Catholic Cathedral will make your blood boil.

A total desecration

New York City’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral has long been a major landmark in the city for both people of faith and tourists, hosting the funerals of such prominent figures as Babe Ruth, Senator Robert F. Kennedy, emergency responders who were killed in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on the city, and countless New York Police Department officers and New York City Firefighters.

But after a video surfaced online that showed New York City’s famous St. Patrick’s Cathedral apparently openly hosting the funeral of transgender activist, many Catholics and other people of faith were rightfully taken aback.

Many fumed over the idea that the Cathedral would allow a ceremony that openly mocked the faith to take place within its hallowed halls.

Another video eventually surfaced on social media, though, exposing the truth of the situation – the left-wing activists who organized the funeral had intentionally deceived the Cathedral in order to desecrate everything it stands for.

“St. Patrick’s Cathedral is not having it,” one of the funeral’s speakers can be heard saying in the video. “Here’s a little secret for all: they still don’t know ‘she’s’ trans.”

As the video shows, that revelation caused the crowd of woke extremists to erupt in cheers.

Needless to say, the crowd’s raucous approval of openly lying to the Cathedral to host the event was one of the less offensive acts they undertook throughout the funeral.

As the New York Post pointed out, more than 1,000 woke extremists – many of whom were transgender – attended what was described as a “rowdy service” for left-wing activist Cecilia Gentili, who was apparently a prominent transgender atheist, and proceeded to “dance in the aisles.”

“This great whore . . .”

The New York Times also reported that a photo of Gentili with a halo above her head and the words “whore,” “transvestite,” “blessed,” and “mother” inscribed on it above the text of Psalm 25 was placed near the Cathedral’s altar and surrounded by mass cards, as well.

During the service, two individuals took to the altar to eulogize the trans activist, with one declaring “her” “this great whore, St. Cecelia, mother of all whores.”

“Today we say we see you soon and that you will give us the strength, the courage to continue your legacy, to continue the challenges ahead,” the eulogy continued.

To make matters even worse, the New York Post noted that at one point during the service, another individual took to the lectern to “pray for access to gender-affirming health care,” and that “in another unorthodox moment, a mourner out-sang the priest performing ‘Ave Maria,’ changing the lyrics to ‘Ave Ceclia’ and danced through the aisles, twirling red scarves.”

The Post added that one of the funeral’s organizers, Ceyenne Doroshow, claimed that they wanted to have the transgender atheist’s funeral at St. Patrick’s because it “is an icon, just like her,” before admitting that they’d intentionally deceived the Cathedral.

Needless to say, once they became aware of what had transpired, the Cathedral was none too pleased that they’d been told the funeral was for a Catholic only to host a service that was, as Rev. Enrique Salvo put it, “sacreligious.”

“Thanks to so many who have let us know they share our outrage over the scandalous behavior at a funeral here at St. Patrick’s Cathedral earlier this week,” Rev. Salvo wrote in a statement. “The Cathedral only knew that family and friends were requesting a funeral Mass for a Catholic, and had no idea our welcome and prayer would be degraded in such a sacrilegious and deceptive way.”

“That such a scandal occurred at ‘America’s Parish Church’ makes it worse,” he added.

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