Tucker Carlson discovered this terrifying truth about the new world order

Feb 2, 2024

The globalists elite have a plan in mind.

It’s far worse than anyone imagined.

Tucker Carlson discovered this terrifying truth about the new world order.

At a speech in Canada, Tucker Carlson warned a sold out crowd of nearly 10,000 attendees that liberal elites, like those who show up in Davos for the World Economic Forum, hold sinister intentions for human civilization.

Under the guise of fighting climate change, the World Economic Forum proposed forcing people to eat bugs instead of beer as they claim the methane from cow farts contributes to climate change.

The globalists at the World Economic forums also want to ban gas stoves and force people to heat their homes with less efficient and more expensive solar and wind energy sources as opposed to oil and natural gas.

The root of the problem as many leftists see it

Carlson explained that the leftists most committed to climate change all saw people as the root cause and thus their proposed remedies all had one thing in common – they intended to reduce the number of people on the planet.

“If you believe people are the problem, then that is, of course, a genocidal spirit. If I believe that the problem with my kitchen is it has too many mice, the solution is to kill the mice. Too many roaches. I kill the roaches. They’re the problem. They’re the impediment,” Carlson began.

“Liberals believe human activity is the cause of climate change and that the only way to reduce human activity is to reduce the number of humans on the planet,” Carlson added.

Anti-human activity

“And so, make no mistake. And this sort of tracks with what I was saying earlier. Don’t lie to yourself about the agenda. If people are the problem and you’re a person, then your life is in the way of whatever goals they’re seeking to achieve by definition,” Carlson continued.

“Am I missing something? No, I’m not. But all of us — it’s so grotesque because, to further elaborate, in one sense, it’s a demonic spirit. Just to be clear, any spirit that seeks to hurt, kill, divide, or demoralize other people is a demonic spirit by definition. So that’s what animates it. You’re the target. And don’t lie to yourself,” Carlson concluded.

The liberals’ own policy proposals give the game away.

The natural gas boom in America led to the United States reducing its carbon emissions, that stated the goal of the environmentalists.

But liberals around the world still want to ban fossil fuels and eliminate natural gas production.

Carlson asked why that would be the case.

And the answers aren’t good at all.

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