Top House Democrat just issued one threat to Clarence Thomas that has Washington, D.C. reeling

Jan 11, 2024

The radical Left is putting on a full court press to try and remake the Supreme Court.

And they are using every dirty trick in the book to remove Justice Clarence Thomas.

Now a top House Democrat just issued one threat to Clarence Thomas that has Washington, D.C. reeling.

Congressman Jamie Raskin (D-MD) caused quite an uproar on Capitol Hill for asking what should happen to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas if he doesn’t recuse himself from a possible case involving Donald Trump.

Thomas must recuse himself – or else

Raskin was referring to a likely Supreme Court ruling on the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision that Trump is constitutionally disqualified for the presidency.

That was soon followed by Maine’s Secretary of State Shenna Bellows (D) making the same judgment. 

Trump has appealed to the Supreme Court to review Colorado’s decision. 

Democrats are already demanding that Thomas recuse himself from the case. 

They are basing their demands on the purported actions of Thomas’ wife, not anything the Justice himself has done.

They claim her actions and beliefs make him unable to judge the case fairly.

But now the Democrats are taking it to even more extreme levels in their goal to force Thomas to recuse himself.

Some even say they are resorting to threats against the conservative Justice.

In fact, according to Raskin, the question is not whether Thomas should recuse himself, but what should be done to Thomas if he doesn’t recuse.

A veiled threat on national TV

Raskin, on CNN, said, “I think anybody looking at this in any kind of dispassionate, reasonable way would say, ‘If your wife was involved in the ‘big lie’ and claiming that Donald Trump had actually won the presidential election and had been agitating for that and participating in the events leading up to Jan. 6, that you shouldn’t be participating in—.”

When anchor Dana Bash interrupted Raskin and asked if that means he believes Thomas should recuse himself, Raskin confirmed, “Oh, he absolutely should recuse himself.”

And then Raskin went further, “The question is: What do we do if he doesn’t recuse himself?” 

Raskin’s question was interpreted by most political and court experts as a veiled threat against Thomas, warning him of consequences if he doesn’t comply with Democrats’ demand to recuse himself.

The Democrat Congressman’s comments were also seen as a foreshadowing of Democrats’ reaction if the Supreme Court takes up Trump’s appeal and rules that he is constitutionally eligible for the Presidency.

Namely that Democrats will attempt to de-legitimize and even ignore the Supreme Court by claiming allowing Trump on ballots is a threat to American democracy.

Of course, despite Raskin’s claims, there is absolutely no evidence that Thomas is in any way compromised on the issue, or that he would have a conflict of interest in the forthcoming case.

It would set a dangerous precedent to decide that a Justice’s spouse’s political opinions have any bearing on his decisions as a Justice.

But for power hungry Democrats hell-bent on destroying the republic, this doesn’t matter.

Hot Take Politics will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story. 

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