This RINO Governor is now pushing taxpayer subsidies for a multi-billion-dollar corporation

Jan 2, 2024

Conservatives have become increasingly frustrated with Republican elected officials.

Too many GOP office holders have pushed the policies and spending priorities of the Democrats and radical Left.

Now this RINO Governor is pushing taxpayer subsidies for a multi-billion-dollar corporation.

Virginia’s RINO Governor Glenn Youngkin claims to be a conservative.

A long list of sellouts proves Youngkin’s RINO credentials

But the facts are clear – Youngkin is far from a conservative.

He has compromised on life, guns, and taxes and spending, making actual conservatives wonder just what the differences are between Youngkin and the Democrats.

His compromises recently resulted in a drubbing in the 2023 Virginia elections as pro-life and pro-gun conservatives stayed home, or voted for write-in candidates instead of GOP moderates promoted by Youngkin.

But those election losses have not deterred him.

Recently, Youngkin promoted his budget with calls for increased spending and tax increases.

And now Youngkin, who was once considered a possible frontrunner in the 2024 Presidential campaign, is pushing another taxpayer-funded boondoggle.

Youngkin is pushing a proposed deal that would bring Washington, D.C.’s NBA and NHL franchises to Virginia.

Raising the bar on corporate welfare

The deal Youngkin is pushing has raised the bar for this type of corporate welfare. 

Even The Washington Post reported that a J.P. Morgan analysis of the deal shows it could cost state and local taxpayers more than $1.3 billion dollars: 

“That includes $1.15 billion directly for the project — more than any comparable facility on record, according to J.C. Bradbury, a Kennesaw State economics professor who studies sports facilities and reviewed the study for The Post. […] Bradbury, who has calculated the public cost of 220 venues going back to 1909, said Virginia’s subsidy could top even much larger venues such as Olympic Stadium in Montreal and the planned Tennessee Titans stadium, both of which received about $1.2 billion in 2020 dollars,” The Post reported.

Once stable and financially sensible Virginia is now going all in on a deal that makes the ill-fated Montreal Olympic fiasco look moderate by comparison. 

But the head cheerleader for spending all this taxpayer money is not the Democrats, but the state’s Republican Governor, Glenn Youngkin. 

He claims it is a great deal for Virginia and purports there’s nothing to worry about with the deal.

These are, of course, standard political boilerplate talking points for such deals. 

But even the reliably left-wing Washington Post noted just how much of a sweetheart deal this is for Washington Capitals and Wizards owner and billionaire Ted Leonsis, whose estimated net worth is $2.8 billion. 

The Post also noted the deal would require trade-offs in other state spending, noting “an analysis attached to the presentation from Public Resources Advisory Group, a consultant hired by Virginia, concluded that backstopping a similar amount ($576.9 million) wasn’t likely to change the commonwealth’s credit rating on Wall Street, though it said Virginia could have ‘reduced debt capacity and flexibility for other projects’ depending on how the debt was categorized by budget officials.”

In other words, a corporate welfare program that has real costs that will affect residents across the Commonwealth who live far away from the proposed taxpayer-funded sports venues. 

One might think that a self-described fiscal conservative like Glenn Youngkin would understand this. 

But that’s not the case. 

He, like liberals before him, likes being seen in team owners’ and corporate lobbyists’ luxury boxes.

And in Glenn Youngkin’s mind, how dare average Virginians try to deny him of this.  

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