This months-old bombshell report fully exposed the Biden regime’s role in arming the terrorists who attacked Israel

Oct 10, 2023

Democrats and their media allies completely buried the report when it first surfaced back in June.

But now it’s coming back to haunt America’s closest ally in the Middle East and will cost American taxpayers a fortune.

And this months-old bombshell report fully exposed the Biden regime’s role in arming the terrorists who attacked Israel.

It always leads back to Joe Biden’s incompetence

In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on Israel, the Biden regime has come under fire for handing Iran – the primary backer of Hamas, the terrorist group that perpetrated the attack – $6 billion in previously frozen funds that it could use to help terrorists to fund such attacks.

The Biden regime has, of course, pushed back on such criticism by claiming that the $6 billion they handed Iran had yet to be released by a Qatar bank, and would only be used for the state sponsor of terrorism’s “humanitarian purposes.”

But there’s obviously a big logical flaw with that excuse – money is fungible, and therefore, even if Iran has not yet received the $6 billion, the knowledge that the money is coming still frees up the Iranian government to shift spending to other priorities, like funding terrorist groups like Hamas, as Iran has done for decades.

“The $6 billion has not been accessed completely by Iran yet, but the fact of the matter is if you have a credit on your account for $6 billion, typically, people count that as access available today, tomorrow, whenever, so you start reworking your spending budget,” Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) told Breitbart. “And by doing so, you put yourself in a position to use that money even though you have not had access to it yet. So the $6 billion that they know they’re getting, they’re using already.”

Regardless, the debate over the impact that $6 billion had on Iran’s funding of Hamas and its attack on Israel underscores the total disconnect President Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats have with the consequences of their actions.

They apparently never learned Sir Isaac Newton’s third law of motion, which states that for every action in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction – if you touch a hot stove, or give terrorists $6 billion, you will be burned.

Which is exactly why in the midst of the debate over whether the $6 billion the Biden regime gave Iran helped them fund the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel, a report Newsweek published back in June suddenly started getting far more traction than it has in the four months since its initial release combined.

A self-perpetuating cycle

At the time, the Newsweek report cited a “high-ranking Israel Defense Forces Commander” and others who stated that some of the American weapons the Biden regime abandoned with their disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan had already ended up in the hands of Palestinian terrorist groups.

“More recently, the Taliban secured a substantial arsenal of U.S. weapons and equipment, including Black Hawk helicopters, after U.S. forces withdrew from Afghanistan in August 2021,” Newsweek reported back in June. “The Israeli commander with whom Newsweek spoke said some of the U.S. small arms seized in Afghanistan have already been observed in the hands of Palestinian groups operating in the Gaza Strip.”

Furthermore, that Newsweek report also detailed the concern many American and Israeli foreign policy experts share regarding the seemingly inevitable prospect of U.S. weapons being sent to Ukraine managing to find their way into the hands of Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist groups.

The report outlined the fact that not only is it a concern that U.S. weapons seized from Ukrainian forces by Russia would be sent to Iran to reverse engineer the weapons for the rogue nation and the terrorist groups they support, like Hamas, but also that some Ukrainians would smuggle the weapons to such entities for a quick payday – a prospect that is highly possibly in a nation as corrupt as Ukraine.

“The Israeli commander said pro-Russian formations were motivated to transfer captured U.S.-supplied weapons due to the close defense relationship between Moscow and Tehran, while pro-Ukrainian elements were largely motivated by money to smuggle arms,” Newsweek reported. “The commander said the primary route was via the Black Sea to the Mediterranean, and argued that the situation was “very dangerous” due to two primary concerns for Israel.”

“One is that they can research capabilities, and then learn how to manufacture them,” the Israeli commander told Newsweek at the time. “I’m talking especially about Iran. The other problem is that we are very worried that some of these capabilities are going to fall to Hezbollah and Hamas’ hands.”

Make no mistake about it, from the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal to the proxy war with Russia in Ukraine, Joe Biden and the ruling class elites have done more to create the chaos unfolding around the world than anything or anyone else.

They run around pretending as though they’re leading a moral fight to wipe evil from the world, but in reality, they’re simply executing what’s effectively a self-perpetuating cycle by which the ruling class elites create the problems they tell the working class they must be re-elected to fix.

And so long as Joe Biden and his fellow ruling class elites continue to make the U.S. military act as the world’s police, these problems will only get worse.

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