This George Soros-backed DA just had his authority stripped due to failed woke policies

Dec 29, 2023

It turns out the American people are not happy about the lawlessness sweeping through the nation’s cities.

Now there is a backlash against those politicians who are pursuing lawlessness and disorder.

And this George Soros-backed DA just had his authority stripped due to failed woke policies.

Philadelphia’s radical progressive district attorney, Larry Krasner, recently had some of his authority stripped and diverted to a new prosecutorial position because of his failed “liberal, woke” policies, according to the Associated Press.

Claiming its an “attack on democracy”

Democrat Governor Josh Shapiro recently signed Senate Bill 140 into law.

The new law creates a new special prosecutor role for mass transit. 

And according to the law, the special prosecutor will have the power to “investigate and institute criminal proceedings for a violation of the laws of this Commonwealth occurring within a public transportation authority.”

“The special prosecutor’s prosecutorial jurisdiction shall include the power and independent authority to exercise all investigative and prosecutorial functions and powers of an office of the district attorney,” the bill added.

The law also enables the special prosecutor to choose whether to pursue crimes committed on the city’s public transit system, the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority. 

Only those crimes not prosecuted by the special prosecutor will go to Krasner’s office.

Krasner, a Democrat, of course claimed the measure is unconstitutional and an “attack on democracy.”

“This is normalizing the erasure of Philadelphia votes. This is what people who want to be dictators do,” Krasner said during a news conference about the new law.

But Republican State Senator Wayne Langerholc, the bill’s author, dismissed these claims.

He pointed out that the Philadelphia DA’s “liberal, woke” policies failed to prosecute serious crimes, including violent offenses.

A bipartisan bill as even Democrats realize the dangers of the woke DA

Wayne’s bill passed the House with an overwhelming and bipartisan 159-44 vote.

“This is about safety, pure and simple,” Langerholc said. “It’s another tool for law enforcement on SEPTA. The district attorney should be welcoming this with open arms, because he’s getting additional resources.”

Pennsylvania Attorney General Michelle Henry now has 30 days to fill the new special prosecutor position. 

And to be eligible for the position, the candidate cannot have worked for the AG’s or the DA’s office in the past six years, likely meaning Krasner will not have control over the prosecutor.

Last year, the House voted 107-85 to impeach Krasner, saying he engaged in misconduct and obstructed an investigation.

“They have impeached me without presenting a single shred of evidence connecting our policies to any uptick in crime. We were never given the opportunity to defend our ideas and policies – policies I would have been proud to explain. That Pennsylvania Republicans willfully avoided hearing the facts about my office is shameful,” Krasner said in November 2022. 

The Senate trial has been postponed while a state Supreme Court lawsuit goes forward.

Regardless of the outcome of the impeachment effort, it is now clear even Pennsylvania Democrats are sick and tired of Krasner’s woke leftist and decidedly pro-criminal policies.

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