This basketball star just shocked the world by coming out in an Instagram post

Aug 25, 2023

The number of athletes “coming out” has seemingly increased over the last few years as LGBT activists make policy gains.

Nowhere is that trend more prevalent than among women’s basketball.

But this women’s basketball star’s coming out announcement shocked the world.

While many female athletes have been coming out as homosexual, one basketball star just shocked the world with an Instagram post where she came out . . . as straight.

“You can tell by the way she walks”

In a recent Instagram post, Iowa Hawkeyes star guard Caitlin Clark posted a photo of herself with her boyfriend, former Hawkeye Connor McCaffery.

Clark’s post was captioned “Best end to summer” and featured the two in hoodies, snuggling on a boat.

McCaffery later commented on his girlfriend’s post, saying “U CUTE,” and included emojis of a heart and fingers crossed.

Renowned sports columnist Jason Whitlock was thrilled by the post.

“Caitlin Clark plays for the right team, plays for the heterosexual team, and I’m not surprised. I think some people are acting like they’re surprised,” Whitlock said.

“I will be simping for Caitlin Clark. I don’t care who doesn’t like it,” he jokes.

“Fearless” contributor T.J. Moe agreed with Whitlock, saying, “She’s the most exciting player.”

“I was around a lot of the female basketball players. It’s very easy to see which ones are gay, which ones aren’t. I would’ve been stunned if she was gay. You can tell by the way she walks,” Moe continued.

Whitlock said he could tell when the media wasn’t defending her after being attacked by Sports Illustrated’s Angel Reese.

It’s acceptable to bash straight women, but not gay ones

“If Caitlin Clark was on the Megan Rapinoe team, Angel Reese would have gotten annihilated for taunting her,” he said.

That Caitlin Clark’s port received attacks from Reese and other LGBT activists says a lot about the state of our current culture.

It is now deemed unacceptable to be proud of being heterosexual, while the LGBT lifestyle is not just celebrated but is being forcibly pushed on the American people.

And in a sport like women’s basketball the fact is, Clark’s post is a rarity.

A large number of women’s basketball players are gay, something that has been a running joke for years.

Only we aren’t allowed to joke about it anymore.

And the LGBT community has been working overtime to force this lifestyle and acceptance of it on female athletes at every level.

In one case, a star women’s basketball player left her college team to transfer due to how uncomfortable she felt in the locker room.

Threatened, ridiculed, and ostracized

According to her, she felt not just out of place but also threatened and ridiculed for simply not being gay.

Because of this, and as she saw her playing time drop because, she believes, a majority of the gay athletes on the team wanted her benched, the player gave up her scholarship and transferred.

This is unacceptable behavior but is exactly what is now being pushed in the name of “equality.”

Kudos to Caitlin Clark for standing up to the LGBT mob.

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