These Democrat politicians just proposed one bill that would make mowing your lawn a crime punishable by imprisonment

Dec 20, 2023

Democrats are on a mission to seize total power and control over all aspects of working class Americans’ lives.

They don’t want the American people to be able to say, think, or do anything they disagree with.

And now these Democrat politicians just proposed one bill that would make mowing your lawn a crime punishable by imprisonment.

The environmental extremist virus is spreading

Democrats’ obsession with environmental extremism obviously has nothing to do with actually saving the planet from supposed climate change.

That’s been proven time and again, but nothing illustrates the point more than their attacks on lawn mowers, weed eaters, and other outdoor power equipment.

Back in 2018, the Democrat-controlled city government of Washington, D.C. passed legislation to ban the sale and operation of gas-powered leaf blowers in the district after some citizens claimed that they had been “disturbed” by “low-frequency sound” of gas-powered blowers “penetrating” people’s homes.

Of course, Washington, D.C. citizens were forced to comply with the ban after it went into effect last year, but the U.S. government was given an exemption to allow them to continue using such gas-powered equipment on federal land – the ruling class elites obviously never play by the rules they pass for the working class.

Nevertheless, California saw the district’s ban on gas-powered leaf blowers, and decided to up the ante by passing a statewide ban on the sale of all gas-powered lawn mowers, leaf blowers, weed eaters, and so much more beginning next year.

And the Democrat-controlled California state legislature passed such a ban knowing that there are 51,000 small landscaping and handyman businesses in the state that are one-man operations – mostly operated by Hispanic immigrants – who can’t possibly shoulder the burden of tens of thousands of dollars worth of new equipment.

But now, the Democrat-controlled state of Washington has decided to take their left-wing environmental extremism to a whole other level.

You can’t even mow your lawn anymore

Democrat state Reps. Amy Walen and Liz Berry are reportedly working on a bill for Washington’s upcoming legislative session that would make operating your lawn mower, leaf blower, or any other outdoor power equipment a jailable offense.

According to a report from The Daily Caller, the bill specifically bans all “gasoline-powered and diesel-powered landscaping and other outdoor power equipment,” which includes lawn mowers, leaf blowers, pressure washers, snow blowers, and the like.

And any violation of the ban would result in a gross misdemeanor charge and be punishable “by a fine of not more than ten thousand dollars, or by imprisonment in the county jail for up to three hundred sixty-four days, or by both for each separate violation.”

State Reps. Walen and Berry have justified the ridiculousness of putting people in prison for up to a year for mowing their lawn by claiming outdoor power equipment is “contributing to climate change and negatively impacting public health.”

As a matter of fact, they even went so far as to claim “one hour of running a gas lawnmower can contribute as much smog-forming pollution as driving a passenger car 300 miles.”

Of course, a quick Google search – even in spite of the inherent bias in its algorithm – can quickly reveal that such “facts” have often been manipulated and repeated by environmental extremists over the past couple of decades as they’ve sought to enact these exact types of bans.

Depending on the situation, environmental extremists have claimed that one hour of mowing the lawn is equivalent to the pollution created by driving 100 miles, 45 miles, 20 miles, and many other distances.

They seem to want Americans to believe that despite advancements in engine technology for both vehicles and small engines like those in lawn mowers, the emissions caused by outdoor power equipment isn’t going down – it’s magically going up.

The fact of the matter is, this is yet another environmental extremist scheme Democrats are marketing as a supposed “solution” to climate change that in reality is nothing more than another authoritarian ploy to seize more power and control over the working class.

And no amount of propaganda will ever change that reality.

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