The reason the Biden Justice Department is reportedly prosecuting this Blaze Media journalist will turn you red with rage

Dec 22, 2023

The Biden regime and their fellow Democrats have made clear that they are on a mission to destroy anyone who dares disagree with their woke extremist agenda and narratives.

That includes journalists who dare to engage in actual reporting rather than merely regurgitating Democrats’ talking points and covering up their lies.

And now the reason the Biden Justice Department is reportedly prosecuting this Blaze Media journalist will turn you red with rage.

The crime of being a real journalist

Back on January 6, 2021, as the Capitol was embroiled in chaos, Steve Baker was working as an independent journalist to document what transpired that day.

As such, once Members of Congress had been evacuated and protesters entered the building, Baker – who recorded everything he saw that day – followed to continue documenting what was transpiring.

Upon returning to his Raleigh, North Carolina home the following day, Baker – who joined Glenn Beck’s Blaze Media this past July, largely as a result of his work on January 6 – said he spent the next five days obsessively pouring over the footage he recorded frame-by-frame in order to produce a 9,500-word analysis entitled “What I Saw on January 6th in Washington, D.C.”

He then produced a follow-up piece in late February, and despite his work being read by hundreds of thousands of Americans looking for the truth of January 6, he went months without being contacted by the FBI as he assumed he would be considering the ample amount of video evidence he had compiled.

But that all changed in July, when he was contacted by the FBI, who he ultimately met with in October 2021 for a meeting in which he voluntarily offered to give them all of the footage he recorded that day.

For some reason, though, the FBI didn’t want the footage, and Baker proceeded to go another month without hearing anything from the bureau.

“Charged within the week”

That is, until November 17, 2021, when Baker’s attorney received an email from assistant U.S. attorney Anita Eve, who informed the journalist’s counsel that he would be “charged within the week” for interstate racketeering and property damage.

Obviously confused by the fact that he was suddenly on the verge of facing jail time for simply reporting on the events on January 6, Baker proceeded to speak publicly about the fact that he was facing prosecution, leading Eve to send an email telling his attorney she was “not thrilled” that he was exercising his First Amendment right.

And for some reason, after the press release was sent, the Biden Department of Justice and FBI went silent – for nearly two full years, that is.

This past August, Baker’s attorney accepted service on a Grand Jury subpoena signed by Eve demanding all of the video evidence the journalist previously volunteered to turn over.

Coincidentally, the timing of that subpoena coincided almost too perfectly with Baker joining Blaze Media as an investigative journalist, and reporting more on January 6 and other issues.

Nevertheless, Baker took to X late last week to reveal that after enduring more months of silence about whether he’d actually be charged for reporting on January 6, the Biden DOJ and FBI had notified his attorney that he will, in fact, be charged.

“Baker on Thursday told Blaze Media that FBI Special Agent Craig Noyes contacted his attorney in North Carolina and that Noyes said he doesn’t know what the charges are — and won’t know until the judge signs off on the warrant,” Blaze Media reported. “Baker also told Blaze Media that if the Justice Department goes forward with charges, travel restrictions will be placed on him, which will hamper his reporting, as he’s based in North Carolina but works a great deal in Washington, D.C., covering trials, viewing Jan. 6 videos, and speaking face-to-face with elected officials.”

“Given Baker has been writing Blaze Media investigative stories on Jan. 6 since early October, Baker said he ‘cannot help but think the timing [of the impending charges] is suspect,’” the report added.

This is Joe Biden’s America

It’s hard to argue with Baker’s assessment that his mere reporting on January 6 has put him in the crosshairs of the Biden regime.

As he has repeatedly stressed in his writing on the topic, he committed “no violence or property destruction on January 6, and I certainly did not interfere with the election certification, as I didn’t enter the Capitol Building until well after both the Senate and House of Representatives had been evacuated.”

Literally all Baker did was report from the Capitol on January 6 about what transpired – something more than 100 journalists did that same day – and now he’s facing imprisonment for doing so.

Clearly the Biden regime is on a mission to wipe out anyone who dares question or oppose their agenda and narratives, and Steve Baker is just next in line.

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