The Baltimore Sun just got bought out and the left is up in arms over the new owner

Feb 16, 2024

The mainstream media has become increasingly leftist and mainly now serves as the mouthpiece of the Democrat Party.

And that’s the main reason many of them are going bankrupt.

But when the failing Baltimore Sun got bought out and saved, the left was up in arms over the new owner.

The struggling Baltimore Sun has been bought out and is returning to local ownership.

A buyer who has made his politics clear

Now the Left is up in arms over the new owner who has a long history of making his conservative politics very clear.

Usually when a local buyer steps in and saves a failing newspaper it is normally cause for celebration. 

But the Baltimore Sun’s new owner has a very clear conservative political background, and many on the Left are concerned about his plans for the 187-year-old publication.

The new owner is David D. Smith, executive chairman of the Sinclair broadcasting network, and an active contributor to various conservative causes.

Smith bought Baltimore Sun Media from the investment firm Alden Global Capital in a bid to save the struggling newspaper. 

The purchase price has not yet been released.

After the purchase, Smith met with Sun employees to talk about his plans for the publication, first and foremost saying he hopes to make it more profitable. 

“Have no fear of me,” Smith told the Sun newsroom, according to someone who was there and relayed the statement on condition of anonymity because it was a private meeting. “What you should fear is the marketplace.”

And in a Sun story announcing the sale, Smith said he was in the news business because he believes “we have an absolute responsibility to serve the public interest.”

Going after the mainstream media 

Smith also took the opportunity to go after the city’s “mainstream media”, while admitting that he began reading the paper he just purchased only a few months ago.

Smith currently serves as executive chairman of the Maryland-based Sinclair Broadcasting Inc.

Sinclair owns and/or operates 185 local television stations across the country and is known for its conservative bent in reporting the news.

For example, in 2018, the company ordered its anchors across the country to read a statement that echoed what former President Donald Trump had said about “fake news.”

Sinclair was started by Smith’s father Julian Sinclair Smith as the Chesapeake Television Corp. 

The company changed its name to Sinclair in the 1980s as it began its national expansion.

Smith made it clear that he used only his personal resources to purchase the Sun, which will not be a part of the Sinclair umbrella and will be under local ownership for the first time in 38 years. 

Smith says he has only one partner in the deal, Armstrong Williams, a well-known conservative commentator who hosts a show on Sinclair’s affiliate stations.

The Sinclair-owned Fox station in Baltimore airs coverage blaming the city’s Democrat Mayor, Brandon Scott, for the increase in violent crime and failing schools. 

“As a lifelong Baltimorean and reader of the Sun, I believe that a free and fair — unbiased — press is critically important,” said former Baltimore City Solicitor Jim Shea. “I hope that the Sun will not be controlled by those who want to spread their own partisan views.”

Shea ignores the fact that the Sun has been a leftist rag for decades.

Smith’s purchase should be seen as a breath of fresh air.

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