Superman took to the sky to flee Hollywood after the level of debauchery reached disturbing new heights

Jan 10, 2024

The number of people fleeing the socialist state of California is growing by the day.

And it turns out even some of Hollywood’s elite are heading out of town.

Even Superman took to the sky to flee Hollywood after the level of debauchery reached disturbing new heights.

Dean Cain, best known for playing Superman in the 1990s, fled Hollywood earlier this year.

“I’ve done things that I’m not proud of”

Cain made the move after he and his son decided there was nothing at all keeping them in California.

Cain recently told CBN Digital, “I have my opinions. You see a lot of debauchery in Hollywood. I’ve been debaucherous myself; I’ve done things that I’m not proud of. I’ve asked forgiveness for those things and I’ve mended my ways. There’s just so many things about being there.”

The “Lois & Clark” star, star of faith based movies, and outspoken Hollywood conservative is now a partner with Genesis Gold Group.

He opened up about his experiences in Hollywood just months after leaving the Golden State and moving to Nevada back in May of this year.

While Cain acknowledged it is possible for some to live a “godly” life in Hollywood (using Marvel Cinematic Universe star Chris Pratt as an example) he said it’s much easier to live a faith-based life outside the progressive and debaucherous city.

“You don’t find a whole lot of [Christian faith], certainly not openly, in Hollywood,” the 57-year-old actor said. “That’s why I make all of the faith-based films that I make, because I want those messages out there. […] I think those movies are really important.”

In recent years, Cain has become known for starring in faith-based movies like God’s Not Dead and No Vacancy.

And Cain has said he is focused on making movies that will “stick with” those who watch them.

“They may affect someone’s life and they may speak to an experience somebody understands,” he said, “And, if that happens, I’ve done the right thing by making that film.”

As for his own faith journey, Cain admitted that becoming a father played a huge role in shaping his relationship with Christ.

“I started to raise this kid — and I knew he was more important in the world than me,” he said. “I started having to answer questions, even to him. I remember when he learned that he was going to die someday. […] That’s around the time that I realized, you know, he needs to understand faith and understand why we’re here and have that make sense to him.”

Developing a close relationship with God has been a journey for Cain, a journey he’s now leading his son through.

“We all have our own process,” the celebrity said. “You may grow up in a household that’s full of Christian teachings and go to church every Sunday and still have those questions — and that’s natural. I believe it’s a natural thing, and everybody’s relationship with God is subjective, it’s unique, and the way they get there . . . is their own journey.”

“And I’ll just say, God and I have a lot more conversations now than we did when I was 25,” he added.

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