Sean Hannity’s jaw hit the floor at this potential replacement for Joe Biden on the ticket

Feb 7, 2024

The concerns about Joe Biden’s age and severe mental decline aren’t going away.

Democrats are mulling a last-minute switch behind closed doors.

And Sean Hannity’s jaw hit the floor at this potential replacement for Joe Biden on the ticket.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich told Fox News host Sean Hannity that “for the first time” he believed that President Joe Biden could be replaced as the Democrat nominee.

Former Speaker digs in

Gingrich said that the Democrat Party could be plunged into a “genuine rebellion” about having Biden at the top of the ticket again.

“But I have to say, Sean, tonight really for the first time, I’m beginning to think maybe Biden will not be the nominee,” Gingrich explained. “I say that because of the rate of his cognitive decline, the number of recent examples, where he couldn’t remember what he was saying, or couldn’t remember who he was talking to … at some point, there may be a genuine rebellion in the Democratic Party that says we can’t put this guy up this fall because he’ll be helpless.”

Biden’s approval rating is firmly in late President Jimmy Carter territory and he’s trailing former President Donald Trump in polling.

“The NBC News report, the poll they did, was devastating,” Gingrich continued. “Almost a day later, CNN had a similar poll. It’s very clear that Biden right now is drifting into Jimmy Carter territory, where people just think he’s not competent.”

Carter territory

In the NBC poll, voters had serious concerns about Biden’s age and competency. 

Hannity quizzed Gingrich about who Democrats could pick to replace Biden as their nominee.

“Kamala Harris could make the argument she should be the replacement,” Gingrich said. “In the left-wing of the Democratic Party that would be fine. The rest of the country would recoil in horror, and she would lose in a landslide.”

The Democrat Party’s obsession with identity politics would make it virtually impossible to replace Harris with anyone else other than another black woman.

“It’s very hard to imagine Michelle Obama, but I have close friends, who are very smart, who are absolutely convinced that she’s going to be the replacement because she trumps Kamala Harris in being a black woman on a national ticket,” Gingrich stated.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama is a revered figure among Democrats and could be the only potential candidate who could cut in line to replace Harris without a revolt.

Democrats trying to prevent ‘80 Reagan-style swamping

Whatever the answer is for Democrats in the fall, it isn’t Biden according to the former Speaker.

“If you’re a Democrat operative, you’re looking at a catastrophe at least comparable to 1980 with Ronald Reagan. You begin to think, ‘Well, what do we do to avoid this?’ And the answer can’t involve Joe Biden,” Gingrich concluded.

Democrats are going to be facing some painful decisions as Joe Biden limps toward the November election.

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