RINO’S were seeing red when Congressmen Jim Jordon made a major announcement about his political future

Oct 4, 2023

The vote to remove House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has caused a major uproar on Capitol Hill.

And now everyone is wondering who will replace him.

That’s why RINO’S were seeing red when Congressmen Jim Jordon made a major announcement about his political future.

Rumors have been floating around Capitol Hill over just who is likely to replace former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy after the House voted to vacate the Speaker’s chair.

Who will it be now?

And a number of names have been floated as possible replacements.

Former President Donald Trump has even been mentioned by some.

But most observers realize that isn’t in the cards.

And the former President has already named his choice for Speaker, Congressman and conservative stalwart Jim Jordan (R-OH).

And the Ohio Republican announced that he is running for Speaker of the House just one day after Kevin McCarthy was ousted.

Jordan, one of the most popular conservative voices in Congress, is chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.

When asked by reporters if he is running for Speaker, he simply said, “Yes.”

And McCarthy gave a speech after being removed as Speaker, saying he will not be running for the position again.

The U.S. House voted to remove McCarthy as Speaker after all Democrats joined with eight conservative House Republicans to vote for a motion to vacate the chair.

Right after McCarthy was removed he addressed the GOP conference where he told members he would not be seeking the Speakership again. 

RINOs vs. Conservatives

Jordan has been joined in the race by moderate Congressman Steve Scalise (R-LA).

And there are other names being floated that could turn the race into a free for all.

Congressman Matt Gaetz filed the motion to vacate the chair, which immediately picked up the support of Democrats, even though sources had said Pelosi told McCarthy she “had his back.” 

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries “definitively” called for a vote against any procedural motion to delay the motion to vacate the chair and also said Democrats should vote to remove McCarthy.  

The final vote on the motion to vacate was 216-210. Gaetz, along with Republican Representatives Andy Biggs, Ken Buck, Tim Burchett, Eli Crane, Bob Good, Matt Rosendale, and RINO Nancy Mace (who only cast this vote as a political calculation to try and save her seat in a future GOP Primary) voted for the motion to vacate the chair.

While the vote to remove McCarthy was successful, the big question now is who will be his replacement.

RINOs seem to be lining up behind Scalise, but Jordan’s entry into the race has conservatives energized.

And the announcement by Donald Trump that he is backing Jordan has Trump supporters in Congress jumping off the Scalise bandwagon in favor of Jordan.

For now, acting Speaker Patrick McHenry (R-NC) has sent the House home for a week to let things start to sort themselves out.

In the meantime, the lobbying for the next Speaker is going full speed ahead.

For his part, Gaetz has said his “mentor” Jordan would be “great” as Speaker.

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