Rand Paul blew the whistle on the disgusting way Mitch McConnell betrayed conservatives

Feb 9, 2024

The heat is on RINO Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Conservatives are wise to the con he tried to pull.

And Rand Paul blew the whistle on the disgusting way Mitch McConnell betrayed conservatives.

Senator Paul revealed truth about McConnell’s scheme to Laura Ingraham

McConnell and his henchmen were the chief architects of a border betrayal bill that would have codified nearly 2,000,000 illegal aliens – approximately the population of West Virginia – entering the country each year.

The bad deal also would have allowed the Homeland Security Secretary to grant expedited asylum claims and moved the court that handles immigration to liberal Washington, D.C..

Why would McConnell agree to complete and total surrender to Joe Biden on the border when polls show that is Republicans biggest strength heading into the November election.

Americans can’t let this slide

McConnell’s fellow Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul pulled back the curtain, telling Laura Ingraham that McConnell saw passing a phony border bill as a means to accomplishing what McConnell openly stated was his number one goal in the Senate – passing another $61 billion in taxpayer funding to help Joe Biden secure the border in Ukraine.

“From the beginning I think this has been a ruse. It hasn’t ever really been about the border. That was a token, that was a bone that was going to be thrown to conservatives. But they were always worried that if conservatives got wind that it was a ruse, that it wasn’t a real border reform, if people like Laura Ingraham or Hannity somehow got wind of this, that you would discuss the bill, look at the bill, and that it would be destroyed. So the game all along long was to keep this in secret from us, but also in the secret from anybody that might look at it and might criticize it. This was an organized plan from the very beginning from our leadership to keep this out of the hands of any conservatives that might criticize it,” Paul stated.

Paul ripped McConnell for being “out of touch” with Republicans in Kentucky, and across the country, who see the invasion at the southern border – and not some territorial dispute in Ukraine – as being the chief threat facing the United States of America.

“Cocaine Mitch” is stuck in the ‘80s

“He’s completely out of touch with Kentucky Republicans, with conservative Republicans advocating for all this money to go to Ukraine. We’re not for that. I mean, nobody in Kentucky is for that. His approval ratings in Kentucky are almost below zero. They are the lowest of any elected official in the United States. He is working with Biden and Schumer to funnel your money to Ukraine, but he’s not working with conservatives. So he is in the minority of his caucus. There’s maybe ten of them that will vote with all of the Democrats. He is using the minority of the big government Republicans up here to work with Democrats to send your money to Ukraine,” Paul concluded.

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