Radical Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee was spitting nails after she suffered one huge defeat

Dec 15, 2023

It’s often good for conservatives to understand that the other side has problems too.

And their problems can also result in electoral defeat, sometimes stunningly.

That’s why radical Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee was spitting nails after she suffered one huge defeat.

Progressive Democrat Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee was roundly defeated in her bid to become Mayor of one of the nation’s biggest cities.

Jackson Lee lost the election for mayor of Houston decisively

The radical left-wing member of Congress, who represents a district in inner city Houston, lost the election to another Democrat, and it wasn’t even close.

Texas State Senator John Whitmire secured an overwhelming majority of 65.27 percent of the vote when the final votes were counted.

The Texas lawmaker has represented a district in North Houston in the state legislature since 1983.

Jackson Lee was only able to muster 34.73 percent of the vote.

Not surprisingly, Whitmire ran on a more bipartisan tone in his campaign than did the left-wing Jackson.

He emphasized cooperation with the state’s Republican elected officials and state legislature, something that will be needed in the GOP-controlled Lone Star state.

The 40-year plus veteran of the state legislature cited his priorities of public safety, affordability, and infrastructure in his administration.

Rampant crime played a key factor

And even some noted leftist commentators pointed out as much as the key to his victory over Jackson Lee.

And, according to Politico, it was Whitmire’s focus on criminal justice that helped him gain broad support from independent and Republican-leaning voters in the largely Democrat city. 

Some progressive Democrats opposed Whitmire for his focus on criminal justice, but the spike in violent crimes in the city caused more voters to side with Whitmire’s strong criminal justice platform.

Jackson Lee conceded to Whitmire and wished him well as Houston’s next Mayor during her election night speech.

Soon after her crushing defeat Jackson Lee announced she would be running for reelection to Congress, in a seat she has held since 1995.

However, some political pundits believe her crushing defeat in the Mayoral race could end up costing her the seat.

While it is a safe Democrat district, her stunning loss to Whitmire showed she is not as popular as she once was.

And a Democrat more along the lines of Whitmire could enter the race and pose a serious threat to Jackson Lee.

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