Pete Buttigieg gave a bad sales pitch for electric vehicles that blew up in his face

Apr 9, 2024

The Biden administration is desperate to get Americans to buy electric vehicles.

So they trotted out a hapless spokesman onto television.

And Pete Buttigieg gave a bad sales pitch for electric vehicles that blew up in his face.

President Joe Biden has made forcing drivers to make the switch to electric vehicles a top priority.

But nothing he’s doing is working.

Weak consumer demand is causing electric vehicles to pile up on dealership lots unsold.

No amount of tax credits or scolding will convince Americans to spend more money on these problem-ridden Biden-mobiles.

Pete Buttigieg mocks Americans who don’t want to go electric

Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was sent into hostile territory on Fox News to scold viewers into buying electric vehicles.

The smug Buttigieg – a Harvard graduate – fancies himself as the smartest person in every room.

But he looked like a buffoon trying to lecture Fox News viewers on the virtues of electric vehicles.

America Reports host Sandra Smith pointed out that industry leader Tesla had its worst quarter for deliveries since 2020.

“Tesla is facing more competition as GM and Ford and Stellantis and other competitive players start to make sure they get a piece of the EV market,” Buttigieg said. “Let’s be clear that the automotive sector is moving toward EVs, and we can’t pretend otherwise.”

GM and Ford have lost billions on their electric divisions and both have lowered their future production goals in response to a lack of consumer demand.

Virtually every major automaker in the world is moving away from ambitious electric vehicle targets.

Buttigieg botched an analogy trying to mock the vast majority of Americans who don’t want to go electric.

“Sometimes when these debates happen, I feel like it’s the early 2000s, and I’m talking to some people who think that we can just have landline phones forever,” Buttigieg whined.

Americans made the switch to cell phones without the heavy hand of government force because people wanted the product.

And like landlines, electric vehicles constantly need to be plugged in.

If electric vehicles were a good product, the Biden administration wouldn’t need to try and bribe buyers with tax credits and put gasoline-powered vehicles out of business with government mandates to get drivers into them.

Buttigieg doesn’t even bother to make an argument as to why he thinks they’re better than gasoline-powered vehicles.

Mayor Pete claims the government is making electric affordable

Buttigieg claimed without evidence that the Biden administration was bringing down the price of electric vehicles.

“Remember, the number one way that we have supported EV’s is by making them more affordable,” Buttigieg ranted. “That’s what those tax credits are about, and that’s one of the reasons why you’ve seen the prices get closer and closer to parity, so more Americans can save both buying an EV and then the savings that tend to come with owning one.”

The prices have been dropping on Biden-mobiles because no one wants to buy them and dealers are desperate to get these albatrosses off of their lots.

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