Most students at Yale received this one shocking thing that had professors beating their heads against the wall

Dec 15, 2023

The situation on America’s college campuses is worse than anyone thought.

And it seems more proof of this comes out every day.

Like how most students at Yale received one shocking thing that had professors beating their heads against the wall.

Yale is considered one of the nation’s most elite universities.

Handing out A’s like candy

But now it looks like Yale has become nothing more than a leftist proving ground for dangerous socialist ideas.

A new report has revealed that Yale University is now simply handing out grades in the A-range like they are candy. 

According to the report, roughly 78.9% of all the grades given to undergraduates at the once prestigious university were within the A-range.

The shocking development has caused alarm bells to sound among both faculty and students who are understandably alarmed that high grades are losing their value.

Shelly Kagan, a Yale philosophy professor, said, “When we act as though virtually everything that gets turned in is some kind of A — where A is supposedly meaning ‘excellent work’ — we are simply being dishonest to our students.”

The report on the grading scandal was compiled by economics professor Ray Fair, who pointed out that the increase in grades started during the COVID pandemic. 

But it has continued unabated since then, with students at Yale averaging a 3.70 GPA, up from 3.60 in 2013-2014. 

The details of the grading study were first shared with the Yale Daily News.

Fair told the Daily News, “Some thought [the COVID effect] would be temporary, but it has more or less persisted. [It’s] probably the faculty going easier on students because COVID was a pain.”

“The report simply documents the history of grading at Yale . . . It gives the ‘current state of grading’ and I think the numbers are straightforward to interpret.”

The problems with artificially high grades will go on after graduation

Fox News Digital reported that one Yale student, Gustavo Toledo, who is studying political science and intends to pursue law school, has serious concerns over the grading scandal.

He said the artificial inflation of grades at Yale could very likely end up over-saturating the job market, making it more difficult for actual high-performing students to stand out. 

“If Yale and other Ivy League institutions start getting these reputations for grade inflation, students who were already feeling pressured to get these high G.P.A.s will then feel that their work is sort of devalued,” Toledo said. “This obviously doesn’t help.”

The report also pointed out that the A’s given out to students largely depended on the class. 

Only 52.39% of students enrolled in economics courses received an A, while a shocking 92.37% of students in History of Science and Medicine and Public Health courses received an A. 

And sadly, Yale is not the only place this is occurring.

An October report from Harvard University’s Undergraduate Office showed that 79% of grades given during the 2020-2021 school year were within the A-range. 

No wonder Americans are falling behind the rest of the world and no wonder today’s college students feel so entitled.

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