Merrick Garland was hit with one shocking request that sent him into a rage

Feb 13, 2024

The country is in the middle of a major crisis under Joe Biden.

Someone in his regime will have to step up and act.

And Merrick Garland was hit with one shocking request that sent him into a rage.

New York Congresswoman sounds the alarm

Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY) is demanding that Attorney General Merrick Garland look into using the 25th Amendment to remove President Joe Biden from office after the shocking report from Special Counsel Robert Hur from his investigation into the theft of classified documents by Biden. 

Hur’s report said that criminal charges shouldn’t be pressed against Biden because he was a feeble old man with memory problems that no jury would convict.

According to his interviews with Biden, the President couldn’t remember what year his late son Beau died and what years he was in office as Vice President.

The 25th Amendment to the Constitution allows for the President to be removed from office by his cabinet when he’s no longer able to serve as Commander-in-Chief.

Tenney sent a letter to Garland that pointed out the “alarming” evidence cited by Hur that Biden’s mental faculties are in severe decline.

“I need not tell you that selective prosecution is morally, ethically, and legally prohibited. We don’t prosecute or decline to prosecute people based on their personalities, or on the public’s anticipated perception of them. If Special Counsel finds that the evidence forms a reasonable basis to bring charges, he must do so,” Tenney wrote. “The Department of Justice cannot ethically bring charges against former president Trump because he has mental acuity and a forceful personality and decline to bring charges against President Biden because of his cognitive decline. President Biden needs to be charged. Unless he is not mentally competent to stand trial.”

Secrets will still be entrusted after DOJ seemingly deemed Biden incapable of keeping them secure

The Justice Department is letting Biden walk while Special Counsel Jack Smith is aggressively pursuing a criminal case against former President Donald Trump for taking documents from the White House which the Justice Department alleges were classified.

Tenney said that it is highly concerning that Biden couldn’t remember when he took or left office as Vice President or even, within a couple of years, the death of his son.

“He may not be competent to stand trial,” Tenney explained. “And he most assuredly lacks the ability to execute his presidential responsibilities. Accordingly, it is incumbent upon you to begin proceedings to remove the President pursuant to the 25th Amendment of the United States Constitution. President Biden needs to be charged, or he needs to be removed. There is no middle ground.”

Democrats can’t have it both ways.

Biden is mentally fit to stand trial for stealing classified documents and lead the country or he’s too far gone to be President and needs to be removed from office.

Either way, the Hur report is a serious political problem for Joe Biden as he tries to convince voters to give him four more years.

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