Megyn Kelly put the final nail in the coffin for this Republican’s career

Mar 12, 2024

Megyn Kelly was sick and tired of seeing the GOP make the same mistake over and over again.

Kelly couldn’t hold back any longer.

Megyn Kelly put the final nail in the coffin for this Republican’s career.

The State of the Union response is the toughest job in politics

Delivering the response to the State of the Union is normally a thankless task.

The President stands on the floor of the House of Representatives and speaks to a packed house where at least half the room is filled with partisans who hoot and holler their approval at key moments.

It’s the closest setting America has to imperial pageantry.

By contrast, whoever the opposing parts picks to respond speaks to a camera in some sterilized made-for-TV studio where there is no crowd energy to feed off of.

Rising stars saw their career go up in flames delivering the State of the Union response.

In 2009, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal became a national laughing stock when Saturday Night Live lampooned his delivery as a copy of 30 Rock character Kenneth Parcell by having the actor who portrayed Parcell recite Jindal’s response on the show.

Marco Rubio infamously reached for a bottle of water nervously in the middle of his 2013 response to Barack Obama’s State of the Union.

Megyn Kelly blasts decision to have Katie Britt deliver State of the Union response

But nothing could compare to the debacle that was Alabama Senator Katie Britt’s response.

Britt was a close ally of RINO Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Republicans picked the 42-year-old Britt because she gives off the vibe of the mom who shows up to soccer games with the cooler full of Gatorade and ice cream.

However, a clearly overcoached Britt sounded like she was delivering a dramatic reading of an ASMR script for YouTube.

Megyn Kelly blasted the GOP establishment for picking Britt for identity politics – Republican leaders thought her presentation would appeal to suburban female viewers – instead of who is the most compelling speaker the party could put forward.

“The Republicans had an opportunity here to put their best foot forward and just sound normal. That’s it. Don’t shout. Say normal things and speak to regular Americans about what’s real,” Kelly began.

“And they blew it, as they do almost all the time in these state of the Union responses. They put up a rising star in the Republican Party. Katie Britt, who is a senator from the state of Alabama and a Republican, as I said, and I don’t know what the F I saw!” Kelly added.

Kelly calls Britt’s performance embarrassing

Not only was Britt’s delivery and voice inflections off, but Britt delivered her speech from the kitchen of her home, which struck Kelly and others as odd.

“I agree with the people saying she looked like she was auditioning for a show on Lifetime! The drama, the fake affectation, the over-the-top portrayal of emotions I did not believe she was feeling at all, her inauthenticity,” Kelly stated.

“It was totally cringe, as the kids would say, sorry, this is how I saw it,” an exasperated Kelly told her audience.

Kelly went so far as to say that Britt not only embarrassed the GOP, but she embarrassed all women with her performance.

“Okay. She embarrassed herself. She embarrassed the Republicans, and she embarrassed women. It was a disgrace! I was horrified by her performance. And I really think that it’s going to take her years to rebound from that performance. Am I? Am I being too hard on her?” Kelly added.

Britt’s response was for higher stakes than normal.

There was much speculation that Britt was at the top of the short list to serve as Donald Trump’s running mate.

But you only get one chance to make a first impression and Britt – according to Megyn Kelly – blew up like the Hindenburg.

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