Megyn Kelly demolished Kamala Harris after she suffered this massive public humiliation

Jan 19, 2024

Democrats are on edge every time Kamala Harris opens her mouth in public.

Her frequent gaffes and word salads leave everyone cringing. 

And Megyn Kelly demolished Kamala Harris after she suffered this massive public humiliation.

Kamala continues to open her mouth and insert foot

Vice President Kamala Harris traveled to South Carolina to mark Martin Luther King Jr. Day with a speech to the local NAACP chapter.

She used the boilerplate speech to laughably accuse Republicans of attacking freedom while urging black voters to back President Joe Biden for re-election.

Harris drew the most attention for a bizarre portion of speech aimed at younger Gen Z voters.

“I see our college students up there,” Harris said while doing a raise the roof gesture.

“Let me just tell you, I love Gen Z. I don’t know, you know, some people… I love Gen Z,” Harris continued.

The deeply unpopular Vice President had a giant grin on her while she went off on this tangent.

“Okay for the older adults, this is going to be a humbling thing I’m about to share with you. If someone is 18 years old today, they were born in 2005. Oh yeah, check that out. Think about that for a minute,” Harris explained.

This became the latest in a long line of embarrassing public appearances for Harris.

Kelly shreds Harris for her inane babble on stage

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly mocked Harris for being “so smart” after her remarks about Gen Z on her SiriusXM show.

“She’s so clever. She’s so good at figuring things out,” Kelly said. “What a strange figure.”

Kelly played a clip of Harris’ Gen Z remarks for guests Stu Burguiere and Dave Marcus.

“The problem with Kamala Harris — many, many, many problems — she really is unburdened by a high IQ,” Kelly explained. “It’s obvious to anybody who watches her for two minutes.”

Harris is being deployed on the campaign trail this year to play the race card by Biden.

“But not only is she– does she appear to not be very sharp, she’s a race provocateur,” Kelly added. “She’s [MSNBC host] Joy Reid in a different suit. And we see it regularly.”

The former Fox News host pointed out that Harris frequently uses the phrase “saw what could be, unburdened by what had been” in her speeches.

“She says it all the time. You would think her speech writers would say ‘Madam, you’ve said that too many times. Nobody knows what the eff you’re talking about,'” Kelly continued. “But she keeps saying it over and over.”

“She has no profundities to offer, and it’s very clear to all of us. And she could very well be our next President if Joe Biden gets reelected,” Kelly added.

Harris has become the least popular Vice President in modern history according to public opinion polling.

Her head-scratching public appearances have even soured Democrats on her political future.

Kamala Harris confirms that she’s in way over her head as Vice President every time she opens her mouth.

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