Lindsey Graham just gave working class Americans another big middle finger with this message about the ruling class’ position on a Joe Biden impeachment

Dec 22, 2023

Regardless of the political party they claim to represent, the ruling class will always do whatever it takes to protect their fellow elites as it is the best way to ensure they maintain power.

They’re not even trying to hide it anymore.

And Lindsey Graham just gave working class Americans another big middle finger with this message about the ruling class’ position on a Joe Biden impeachment.

Laying the groundwork to let Biden off the hook

Democrats and their media allies have circled the wagons around President Joe Biden amidst the Congressional impeachment inquiry into the alleged foreign influence-peddling scheme his family operated while he was Vice President.

Despite the fact that Biden’s excuse that he had no knowledge of his son, Hunter’s, apparently corrupt foreign business dealings has completely crumbled thanks to ample whistleblower testimony, and the fact that numerous pieces of evidence point to the Democrat President financially benefiting directly from the scheme, they continue to claim that there is “no evidence” he was involved in any way.

And true to form, the Republican establishment has joined the effort to defend President Biden by any means necessary.

Establishment Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) recently told the media that despite the fact that he himself obtained and released FBI documents that described the alleged criminal scheme involving then-Vice President Biden as evidence that helped lead to the impeachment inquiry, there is somehow no evidence “that the President is guilty of anything.”

In an interview on Meet The Press, NBC’s Kristen Welker asked fellow establishment Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) whether he agreed with Grassley’s claim there is no evidence thus far.

And just like Senator Grassley, Graham immediately followed the ruling class playbook of protecting your fellow elites by any means necessary, claiming that even though he supposedly hasn’t been paying attention to the investigation into Biden, he doesn’t believe there’s any evidence the Democrat President was involved in his son’s illicit foreign influence-peddling.

“You know, I haven’t really been paying that much attention to it,” Graham claimed. “They have to prove that President Biden somehow financially benefited from the business enterprises of Hunter Biden. We’ll see.”

No “smoking gun” to speak of?

Furthermore, just to make sure the American people fully understood that he was giving them one big middle finger on behalf of the ruling class, Senator Graham went so far as to claim if a “smoking gun” implicating Biden existed, it would have been talked about already.

“If there were a smoking gun, I think we’d be talking about it,” Graham said. “But, you know, the narrative that Hunter Biden presented is falling apart. The idea that Joe Biden knew nothing about the business dealings is falling apart.” 

He proceeded to say that he’s not at all “worried about impeaching the President right now,” and is instead more interested in “helping” President Biden advance the ruling class elites agenda by further escalating tensions in the Middle East and further involving the U.S. in yet another endless foreign war.

“I’m not worried about impeaching the President right now,” Graham added. “You know what I’m worried about? Helping the President bring the Mideast to a better spot, trying to convince the Arabs and the Israelis to not let Iran get you off track, give Israel the space to destroy Hamas. I’m trying to find a way forward to secure our broken border before we’re attacked. That’s what I’m more worried about than anything. I’ve never been more worried about an attack on our homeland than I am right now. And there’s an opportunity in the Mideast, in the middle of all this carnage, rape, murder, torture, heartbreaking visuals. There’s a chance to change things. That’s what I’m working on: changing things for the better at home and abroad.”

Of course, the idea that Graham or any ruling class elite has ever made anything better literally anywhere with their constant interventions is total baloney – just take a quick look around.

Nevertheless, Senator Graham and the rest of the ruling class in Washington, D.C. are far more determined to double down on their failed foreign policy – thereby actively putting the safety and well-being of every American in even more danger than it already is – than they are to learn the truth about whether or not the sitting President of the United States, who could potentially still win re-election, has been compromised by the millions of dollars his son made selling access to his influence.

And all the while, Lindsey Graham, Joe Biden, and the rest of the ruling class are just giving one great big middle finger to working class Americans in the process.

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