Kari Lake left jaws on the ground with this scary response to the Supreme Court

Apr 12, 2024

Kari Lake is running in one of the races that could decide control of the United States Senate.

Now all hell is breaking loose.

And Kari Lake left jaws on the ground with this scary response to the Supreme Court.

Kari Lake’s response to Arizona Supreme Court abortion ruling

The Arizona State Supreme Court released a bombshell ruling upholding the state’s Pro-Life law, which restricted abortion in all cases except to save the life of the mother, to go into effect and overrode a 15-week abortion ban.

State Supreme Court Justice John Lopez wrote for the majority that since there was no federal right to an abortion and the 15-week law didn’t “authorize abortion,” the stronger Pro-Life law could go into effect.

“Absent the federal constitutional abortion right, and because [the fifteen-week limit] does not independently authorize abortion, there is no provision in federal or state law prohibiting [the 1864 law’s] operation. Accordingly, [the 1864 law] is now enforceable,” the State Supreme Court opinion read.

Conservatives celebrated the win for the cause of life.

But Kari Lake’s response left many red with rage.

Lake released a statement saying she opposed the ruling.

Lake also called on Democrat Governor Katie Hobbs – who supports abortion-on-demand until birth – to craft a legislative solution.

“I oppose today’s ruling, and I am calling on [Democratic Gov.] Katie Hobbs and the state Legislature to come up with an immediate commonsense solution that Arizonans can support,” Lake added.

Conservatives not happy with Lake

Pro-Life conservative commentators were less than thrilled with Lake’s comments.

“Kari Lake comes out against an abortion ban in her state. This is not a ‘state’s rights’ position she’s taking. She’s actively against a law protecting the unborn in her own state,” the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh wrote on X.

The Blaze’s Steve Deace lamented supporting Lake writing, “In 2022, I thought Kari Lake was one of the best candidates I’ve ever seen, and said so. Now she is almost completely unrecognizable from the candidate she was then, just two years later. I can still fall for it, it seems, even after all I’ve seen and witnessed. Not sure if that means I’m still dangerously naive or still laudably hoping for the best in people. Whichever it is, I’m tired of it.”

Politically, Lake put herself in a bind.

Lake narrowly trails socialist Democrat Ruben Gallego in the polls for this Senate race.

But Donald Trump leads Joe Biden in Arizona.

Lake’s best chance for victory is riding Trump’s coattails.

But Lake may have closed off that path by opposing Arizona’s Pro-Life law and alienating conservatives who will show up and vote for Trump.

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