John Fetterman took everyone by surprise when he launched this attack on Democrats

Feb 28, 2024

John Fetterman is becoming the biggest wildcard for Democrats in Congress.

The growing tensions in his party caused him to lash out. 

And John Fetterman took everyone by surprise when he launched this attack on Democrats.

Panic has set in among Democrats over having President Joe Biden at the top of the ticket this fall.

Questions about the President’s age and mental decline will be inescapable after the bombshell report from Special Counsel Robert Hur that recommended no charges be filed against Biden for taking classified documents because he’s an old man with a bad memory.

Criticisms of Biden have increased in the party for not pushing for a ceasefire in the war between Israel-Hamas and his response to the Hur report, which included a press conference where he mixed up the Presidents of Egypt and Mexico.

Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) raged at Democrats who are critical of the embattled President during an appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

Democrats who are critical of Joe Biden should get a MAGA hat

Fetterman accused Democrats who are becoming increasingly critical of Joe Biden of helping former President Donald Trump.

“All kinds of Democrats [are] criticizing the President too publicly. I don’t understand why,” Fetterman said. “I don’t know what it’s in it for you to do that, whether you’re just chasing clout or you want to make it in the news or anything like that. But, if you’re not willing to just support the president now and say these kinds of things, you might as well just get your MAGA hat, because you now are helping Trump at this.”

Fetterman has emerged as one of Biden’s strongest defenders in Congress at a time when tensions are growing over his re-election campaign.

John Fetterman says Pennsylvania will pick the next President

Fetterman was asked about what the most important issue would be in his home state of Pennsylvania, the biggest battleground state in the country this fall.

“It’s going to be very competitive,” Fetterman said about the 2024 Election. “The President is going to win here in Pennsylvania. And I’ve always believed that whoever wins Pennsylvania is going to be the next President as well.”

The winner of Pennsylvania has won 11 out of the past 13 Presidential Elections, including Trump in 2016 and Biden in 2020.

“It’s going to be difficult,” Fetterman continued. “We all have to lean in on that.”

Biden is currently in a statistical dead heat with Trump in Pennsylvania and nationally in polling.

An increasingly fractured Democrat Party will need to be unified to drag Joe Biden across the finish line this November.

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