Joe Biden’s Department of Justice just admitted what everyone knew about Hunter Biden’s laptop from Hell

Jan 25, 2024

The Deep State went to great lengths to try and discredit Hunter Biden’s laptop before the 2020 elections.

They claimed it was fake and that it was merely another Russian disinformation campaign.

But now, Joe Biden’s Department of Justice just admitted what everyone knew about Hunter Biden’s laptop from Hell.

The Biden Department of Justice (DOJ) has finally admitted the legitimacy of Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop data for the first time.

But they really knew it all along 

In a court filing from DOJ prosecutors, in response to Hunter Biden’s request to have his federal firearm charges dismissed, federal investigators finally acknowledged the legitimacy of data found on Biden’s laptop prior to the 2020 election. 

Even more telling, the court filings described how IRS and FBI investigators had obtained a search warrant in Hunter’s tax violations investigation, which led them to “various” backup data accounts.

The documents also state that investigators later came into “possession” of the laptop that Biden had previously “left at a computer store.” 

They admitted, however, that federal investigators had “already obtained” a large portion of the laptop data from Apple.

So while the media, Democrats, and 51 former high level national security advisors were claiming the laptop was a fake, they knew it was not.

And their successful effort to discredit the laptop almost certainly handed the White House to Joe Biden.

More than 27% of Biden voters say they would not have voted for him had they known the laptop was legitimate.

“In August 2019, IRS and FBI investigators obtained a search warrant for tax violations for the defendant’s Apple iCloud account. In response to that warrant, in September 2019, Apple produced backups of data from various of the defendant’s electronic devices that he had backed up to his iCloud account,” the DOJ’s court documents stated. 

“Investigators also later came into possession of the defendant’s Apple MacBook Pro, which he had left at a computer store. A search warrant was also obtained for his laptop and the results of the search were largely duplicative of information investigators had already obtained from Apple.”

Social media joined the effort to censor the laptop story prior to the 2020 elections

Following the first report about Hunter’s laptop by the New York Post, the coverup began.

Democrat operatives and their allies in the media attempted to claim the laptop was “Russian disinformation” and even charged the reporting on it was pro-Trump election interference.

A letter from 51 former intelligence officials was released falsely claiming the content on Biden’s laptop was a “Russian information operation.”

That “Russian disinformation” claim led both Facebook and Twitter to completely censor any mention of the laptop story and sites like Politico claimed the story was false by citing the former intel officials’ letter. 

President Joe Biden himself said the laptop contents were nothing more than “Russia disinformation” during his 2020 campaign.

But we now know even while the false charges of Russian election interference increased, the FBI and DOJ knew that the contents of the laptop were real. 

The DOJ and FBI have since simply stopped talking about Biden’s laptop contents, especially after IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley confirmed the authenticity of the laptop during testimony to Congress in June 2023.

It turns out the only un-American election activity was from the feds, the media, the Democrats, and 51 former intelligence officials who all knowingly lied to install Joe Biden in the White House.

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