Joe Biden was spitting nails after yet another green energy fail as a freshwater wind farm in this state gets killed

Jan 12, 2024

The Biden administration’s goal of going green is facing multiple setbacks.

And it turns out even deep blue states aren’t as committed to the effort as Biden hoped.

That’s why Joe Biden was spitting nails after yet another green energy fail as a freshwater wind farm in this state gets killed.

A much-ballyhooed project to put wind turbines in Lake Erie has fallen apart due to higher-than-expected costs and other unforeseen challenges that doomed the project.

Halting the Icebreaker wind project

The Lake Erie Energy Development Corporation had planned to put six wind turbines on the lake about eight miles from Cleveland.

But, in early December, they announced they had “made the difficult decision to temporarily halt the Icebreaker Wind project,” according to

The project, dubbed Icebreaker, was supposed to be a test that its supporters said would help usher in a new era of clean energy.

The Icebreaker project was the first proposed freshwater wind farm on the North American continent.

And its backers viewed it as a way to see if the Great Lake, and it’s freezing winter temperatures, would have been too inhospitable a location for the undertaking.

“Given the set of circumstances right now we don’t have a way to push things forward unless something changes,” said Will Friedman, a development corporation board member and president and CEO of the Port of Cleveland.

And the announcement of the halt hit social media like a hurricane.

More taxpayer dollars gone with the wind

Disturbingly, Friedman also said the project had received a $50 million grant from the federal government, and while they claim $37 million of that money is being returned to the government, it shows once again just how wasteful the green energy move has been.

The blog Master Resource, published by the Institute for Energy Research, blasted the situation saying, “The Great Lakes will not be ‘the Saudi Arabia of wind.’ Less is always best with government-dependent industrial wind.”

In a news release posted by the Port of Cleveland they claimed “frivolous and costly lawsuits funded by dark money tied to fossil fuel interests” and concerns for the impact of the turbines on birds were contributing factors in the death of the project, which was first proposed in 2009.

“This burdensome litigation caused years of delays and significant expense.  The delays have led to a constrained economics for the project,” their release said.

While they ignored the massive cost overruns, local opposition, and questionable feasibility of the project they were right in saying the project is likely dead.

The end of the Icebreaker Lake Erie project comes even as other wind farm projects are battling similar headwinds.

Multiple offshore wind projects are failing to achieve the results they promised and are costing companies far more than they expected.

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