Joe Biden was speechless after this massive electric vehicle blunder was exposed

Apr 3, 2024

Joe Biden is trying to prop up the electric vehicle market with taxpayer money.

Now the American people can see their return on the investment.

And Joe Biden was speechless after this massive electric vehicle blunder was exposed. 

President Joe Biden’s plan of an all-electric future for transportation is running into the reality of government incompetence.

One of the biggest obstacles to the mass adoption of electric vehicles is the lack of public charging stations for them.

Biden uses taxpayer money to build electric vehicle charging stations

The 2021 Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill passed with the help of RINOs in Congress gave Biden billions to implement his electric vehicle agenda.

$7.5 billion in the bill was dedicated to improving the infrastructure for electric vehicles to speed up their adoption.

Biden vowed that the country would build 500,000 new electric vehicle charging stations two years ago by 2030.

“The future of transportation in our nation and around the world is electric,’’ Vice President Kamala Harris said at a charging station in December 2021 after the bill was signed into law.

Billions of taxpayer dollars to build seven charging stations

$5 billion was allocated to the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure to help states build charging stations.

But after two years, only seven charging stations have been built since the bill was passed.

The seven stations in Ohio, Hawaii, New York, and Pennsylvania created by the program offer spots for 38 electric vehicles to charge.

Four other states are currently building charging stations, while 12 other states were given the green light to begin construction.

17 states haven’t bothered to submit proposals to begin construction.

The delays are being blamed on the enormous amount of red tape that states have to deal with to be approved for federal funding.

Democrats are getting nervous that the timeline for 500,000 charging stations can be met after the botched rollout of the program.

“I think a lot of people who are watching this are getting concerned about the timeline,” Alexander Laska, deputy director for transportation and innovation at the left-wing think tank Third Way, told the Washington Post.

Despite the setback, the Biden White House is still confident that it can hit its goal.

House Republicans have questioned if the program was another green energy boondoggle by the Biden administration.

“We have significant concerns that under your efforts American taxpayer dollars are being woefully mismanaged,” House Republicans led by Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) wrote the Biden administration. “The problems with these programs continue to grow — delays in the delivery of chargers, concerns from States about labor contracting requirements and minimum operating standards for chargers.”

Of course, if there was any demand for electric vehicles, private industry would step up to build these charging stations.

But consumers don’t want to switch to these Bidenmobiles, so the government is trying to prop up the industry with taxpayer money.

Joe Biden’s dream of an electric vision is in danger of going up in flames because of government incompetence.

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