Joe Biden mispronounced one name in his State of the Union that could come back to haunt him in November

Mar 13, 2024

Joe Biden can’t appear in public for longer than five minutes without misspeaking or making an embarrassing gaffe.

Somehow he managed to speak for 68 minutes in front of a joint session of Congress.

But Joe Biden mispronounced one name in his State of the Union that could come back to haunt him in November

Joe Biden delivered a fiery State of the Union Address in a 68 minute speech that he turned into a full-blown campaign attack speech against Donald Trump.

With polls showing illegal immigration as the top concern for voters in November, Joe Biden had no choice but to address the border crisis during his speech.

Biden laughably claimed that Republicans are blocking him from securing the border.

“Unlike my predecessor, on my first day in office I introduced a comprehensive plan to fix our immigration system, secure the border, and provide a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers and so much more,” Biden claimed.

Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) attended the State of the Union wearing a bright red Make America Great Again hat.

Greene also wore a shirt that read “say her name” in reference to University of Georgia nursing student Laken Riley, who was murdered by an illegal alien while jogging on campus.

The murderer, Jose Antonio Ibarra of Venezuela, is an illegal alien who was previously arrested but released by Biden’s DHS.

On Thursday, prior to the State of the Union, House Republicans passed the “Laken Riley Act,” which would require DHS to detain illegal aliens with charges or convictions for shoplifting, larceny, burglary, or theft.  

But only 37 Democrats voted for it.

When Biden finally brought up the border crisis, Greene jumped to her feet and shouted, “What about Laken Riley? Say her name!” 

Surprisingly, Joe Biden responded directly to Greene’s request.

But in doing so he committed a gaffe that could bite him in November in the swing state of Georgia.

“Lincoln Riley!” Biden shouted back at Greene. “An innocent young woman who was killed by an illegal.”

“That’s right,” Biden yelled before asking, “but how many thousands of people have been killed by illegals?”

“To her parents, I say, my heart goes out to you, having lost children myself,” Biden added. “I understand.”

Republicans will certainly use clips of Joe Biden calling her “Lincoln” Riley in campaign ads targeting the swing state of Georgia.

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