Joe Biden just got a “history ending” 2024 endorsement that had him seeing red

Jan 5, 2024

Candidates usually relish political endorsements.

But sometimes they get endorsements from people and groups that do more harm than good.

And Joe Biden just got a “history ending” 2024 endorsement that had him seeing red.

The Order of Nine Angles, a Satanic cult founded in the United Kingdom in the 1970s, has endorsed the Biden-Harris ticket for the 2024 presidential election.

An endorsement for all the wrong reasons 

It’s not surprising that when Satanists endorse political candidates, they do it for all the wrong reasons.

The Order of Nine Angles (O9A) recently stated on its website that “democracy is failing; worldwide nations are going broke, preparing for war, inundated with refugees, beset by internal refugees, ruled by careerist psychopaths, and perhaps most ominously, electing leaders who are associated with foreign powers.”

And while there’s more than a little truth in O9A’s statement, the world does seem to be on the brink, their response to this chaos is not what most people would expect.

Any American in their right mind would of course want a President who protected our republic, shunned and stopped corruption, avoided war, and controlled the country’s orders.  

But that’s not the goal of O9A.

And they made that crystal clear in their endorsement of the Biden-Harris ticket.

“We want to rush into the abyss so that the ‘end of history’ can come to its natural terminus and a new Dark Age will be visited upon the Earth.”

“In this new era,” the endorsement continued, “might will make right, the claw and tooth will always be red, and blood will cross the land like an ever-flowing stream. The strong will oppress the weak, the weak will die, and natural selection will resume.”

Only Biden can bring about the end of the world

“This can only happen through weak humanist leadership that will stumble its way into war, famine, recession, terrorism, corruption, and human misery. The suicides will leave before the battles commence,” the bizarre group claimed. “Only Biden-Harris can bring about this advancement of history, and therefore, we endorse the Biden-Harris campaign in 2024.”

Of course, the way things are going under Joe Biden, there’s a chance the O9A is right. 

The world is certainly on edge with wars raging across the globe, and more ready to break out.

The worldwide immigrant/refugee crisis is boiling over and it certainly does appear we have a President who is in bed with foreign powers like Communist China. 

There isn’t much of a question that re-electing Biden to a second term will make all of these crises even worse.

And it’s almost a certainty electing a Republican President in 2024 would screw up O9A’s plan to “end history.”

“The last thing we want right now is one of these Christian band-aid do-gooders like Nikki Haley, Vivek Ramaswamy, Chris Christie, Donald Trump, and Ron DeSantis to take over and fix things,” the group added.

The group has its own problems, which surfaced in disturbing news reports involving both pedophilia and terrorism. 

As ABC News reported, “In 2020, U.S. Army Private Ethan Melzer was indicted by the Justice Department on charges of sending details about his unit’s movement to the group, which was planning to attack the American soldiers. Melzer was sentenced in March to 45 years in prison.”

Hot Take Politics will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story. 

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