Joe Biden just banned your car with this stroke of a pen

Mar 22, 2024

Joe Biden is pressing full steam ahead with his plan to impose socialism on America.

Every American is going to feel the pain

And Joe Biden just banned your car with this stroke of a pen.

Biden administration imposes new gas powered car ban as part of Green New Deal scheme

Joe Biden announced a new Environmental Protection Agency scheme to impose crippling new emissions standards on the tailpipes of gas-powered vehicles to force Americans to buy electric vehicles by the year 2030.

“Three years ago, I set an ambitious target: that half of all new cars and trucks sold in 2030 would be zero-emission,” a statement by Biden announcing the car ban read. “Together, we’ve made historic progress. Hundreds of new expanded factories across the country. Hundreds of billions in private investment and thousands of good-paying union jobs. And we’ll meet my goal for 2030 and race forward in the years ahead.”

The media ran cover for Biden, falsely claiming Biden wasn’t trying to ban cars everyday Americans drive to force them into more expensive and less efficient Bidenmobiles.

A New York Times article claimed Biden wasn’t banning gas-powered vehicles per se, the new regulations would just make them so expensive to produce and purchase that car companies would cease making any new ones.

“The E.P.A. regulation is not a ban. It does not mandate the sales of electric vehicles, and gas-powered cars and trucks could still be sold. Rather, it requires carmakers to meet tough new average emissions limits across their entire product line. It’s up to the manufacturers to decide how to comply,” The Times report read.

Biden car ban to face legal and political pushback

Louisiana Attorney General Elizabeth Murrill promised a swift lawsuit over Biden’s car ban.

“They may wish for us all to drive E.V.s or no cars at all, but at the end of the day that’s not their decision,” Murrill stated. “There is a limit to their authority to remake society in their own vision and the court has realized that.”

The Supreme Court is likely to eventually take up this case and strike down the Bidenmobile mandate on the major questions doctrine, which holds that the Congress must clearly delegate to the executive branch through legislation that the President has the authority to settle matters of significant national or economic importance through executive fiat.

And there is no law on the books that gives Joe Biden the power to ban gas cars.

But this case may never make it to the Supreme Court.

Swing states like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania are car manufacturing hubs, and Biden’s new rule will destroy the American auto industry and send car production to Communist China, as the Chinese own a near monopoly on the minerals used to power the battery of Bidenmobiles.

Trump promised to eliminate Joe Biden’s gas car bans if he wins election and polls show Biden’s assault on the auto industry is helping push Trump to the lead in blue wall states Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

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