Joe Biden is feeling the heat after this despicable attack on Clarence Thomas

Mar 8, 2024

Joe Biden has been trying to take down Clarence Thomas since his confirmation hearing.

He crossed a red line for Presidential conduct with his latest attack. 

Now Joe Biden is feeling the heat after this despicable attack on Clarence Thomas.

President Joe Biden has had it out for Justice Clarence Thomas for decades.

In 1991, then-Senator Biden – chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee at the time – oversaw Thomas’ confirmation process to the Supreme Court.

Biden used Thomas’ confirmation hearings to launch a smear campaign to keep him off of the court.

Now-disgraced witness Anita Hill was given a venue to lob false claims of sexual harassment against Thomas during the hearings.

Thomas later called his Biden-led confirmation hearings a “high-tech lynching.”

Joe Biden lashed out at Clarence Thomas once again

Biden gave a rare interview to The New Yorker where he broke Presidential decorum by attacking Clarence Thomas.

The President was asked about the Dobbs decision that overturned Roe v. Wade in 2022 and what further implications the case could have for the country.

Journalist Evan Osnos asked Biden if the Supreme Court could use the Dobbs decision to overturn the alleged constitutional right to homosexual marriage or contraception.

“I don’t think there’s a majority to get there,” Biden said.

He proceeded to smear Thomas.

“I think that a couple on the Court would go considerably further,” Biden told The New Yorker. “The guy who likes to spend a lot of time on yachts.”

“Thomas?” Osnos replied.

Biden didn’t answer the question but was reportedly grinning at the mention of Thomas’ name.

The President referenced the latest hoax pushed by Democrats to discredit the Supreme Court and build momentum for trying to pack the court in a potential second Biden term.

Left-wing outlet ProPublica ran a hit piece against Thomas that falsely claimed he violated judicial ethical rules by going on vacations with his longtime friend Harlan Crow, a wealthy real estate developer. 

Hospitality provided by friends isn’t an improper action and left-wing Justices on the court have done the same thing far more frequently than Thomas.

That false implication from the ProPublica story is that Thomas is doing Crow’s bidding on the high court.

Democrats and their media allies ran with their hit job to launch another smear campaign against Thomas and demand that he resign from the court.

Joe Biden steps in it again

Attacking a Supreme Court Justice for partisan political reasons is an unwritten violation of Presidential decorum.

It’s especially rich that Biden referenced the ProPublica smear job when he’s facing an impeachment inquiry for highly credible allegations of being involved in his family’s influence peddling operation.

The interview was just another reminder that Joe Biden is a petty politician before anything else. 

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