Joe Biden is feeling the heat after he was caught in this electric vehicle scandal

Mar 5, 2024

Joe Biden’s electric vehicle agenda has a dark secret.

He’s putting America last with these sweeping changes.

Now Joe Biden is feeling the heat after he was caught in this electric vehicle scandal.

The supply chain for the electric vehicle industry is dominated by China.

The Chinese are the leading manufacturers of the batteries that power these Bidenmobiles.

President Joe Biden claims that he’s looking out for American autoworkers, but he was caught in a scheme to give nearly one billion dollars to a Chinese-owned battery maker.

Joe Biden is funding China with electric vehicles

Last year, Biden’s Energy Department announced that it was going to give a loan to KORE Power to build a battery manufacturing plant for electric vehicles in Arizona.

The Energy Department claimed that the plant would “strengthen the domestic battery supply chain.”

The Biden administration has a stated goal of trying to reduce the country’s reliance on China for electric vehicle batteries.

KORE Power is a small company based in Idaho, so it appeared that the taxpayer money was helping out an American company.

But KORE is partially owned by a Chinese battery company with links to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

“The records reveal that KORE is 14 percent co-owned by Do-Fluoride New Materials (DFD), a Chinese battery manufacturer led by Chinese Communist Party official Li Shijiang. One of KORE’s directors is Li Shijiang’s daughter, Li Lingyun, who also serves as vice chair of DFD and as vice president of China’s state-supervised Patent Protection Association,” the Washington Free Beacon reported.

KORE is having DFD help them build the taxpayer-funded battery plant in Arizona.

Energy Department signs off on giving taxpayer money to China

Do-Fluoride New Materials is using a subsidiary company, DFD New Energy, to help KORE build the Arizona battery plant.

“The facility is under construction at present and DFD New Energy will assist in the buildout,” KORE CEO Lindsay Gorrill said.

The Department of Energy signed off the partnership claiming that it would help American workers.

“The partnership with DFD provides KORE with access to proven IP and an experienced team—experience that does not currently exist at [that] scale [in] the United States, but through this partnership will be transferred to American workers and to an American company,” the Energy Department stated.

The Biden administration knows that taxpayer funding is going to a Chinese company connected to the CCP and it claims that’s a good thing.

Watchdog group Americans for Public Trust Caitlin Sutherland slammed the Biden administration for giving money to a company with ties to the CCP.

“For a program that was supposed to decrease America’s reliance on China, this is incredibly counterproductive,” Sutherland said. It’s outrageous that a company partly owned by a Chinese company with ties to the CCP would be rewarded with taxpayer money.”

In the end, Joe Biden’s electric vehicle agenda is fleecing taxpayers to send money to Chinese communists. 

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