Joe Biden blew a gasket after this legal challenge filed against a key part of his green energy push

Dec 29, 2023

The Biden administration is facing some serious setbacks.

And nowhere is this more evident than in Biden’s efforts to force a green energy agenda on all Americans.

That’s why Joe Biden blew a gasket after this legal challenge filed against a key part of his green energy push.

Joe Biden is using every trick in the books to impose his costly green agenda on the country.

Going to war

Biden is even invoking the War Powers Act in an effort to fund electric heaters as he seeks to ban gas appliances.

But now Biden is facing some stiff opposition from a growing array of Americans, including some corporate entities that have remained largely silent until now.

The natural gas industry (who is being hit hard by Biden’s green agenda) is now launching a legal challenge to the Biden administration over its regulations that target traditional gas-powered residential furnaces.

Biden’s rulemaking on gas furnaces will impact more than half of all U.S. households.

So now, led by the American Gas Association (AGA), whose members provide natural gas to more than 74 million customers nationwide, several trade associations and one manufacturer filed the legal challenge against the Department of Energy (DOE) over the regulations. 

The lawsuit argues the agency’s action effectively bans the sale of a large number of furnaces enjoyed and used by American consumers.

“AGA has attempted to work with the Department of Energy to address the rule’s profound impacts on consumers and homeowners with a solutions-oriented approach to energy conservation that protects consumers and ensures continued availability of low-cost, low-emission natural gas furnaces,” AGA President and CEO Karen Harbert said in a statement.  “Unfortunately, our 114 pages of comments have been summarily ignored.”

Backing Americans into a corner

“This ruling from DOE will push American families with natural gas heat into a corner — when their furnace goes out, they’ll be forced to choose between retrofitting for electric with the increased month-to-month utility bills that entails or engaging in a costly and time-consuming renovation to retrofit their home for a completely different type of natural gas furnace,” she continued.

Harbert also said that as a result of the Biden regulations, families and businesses will be “saddled with increased costs with little environmental gain.”

The Biden DOE’s finalized regulations, which are to go into effect in 2028, specifically require furnaces to achieve an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) of 95%.

This means manufacturers would only be allowed to sell those furnaces that convert at least 95% of fuel into heat within six years. 

The current standard AFUE for a residential furnace is already 80%.

Because of the new more stringent AFUE requirements, the regulations would take non-condensing gas furnaces, which are less expensive, off the market. 

And consumers forced to replace their non-condensing furnace with a condensing furnace after the rule is implemented face huge installation costs.

AGA estimates the new DOE regulations would take up to 60% of current residential furnaces off the market. 

Additionally, AGA said the regulations will impact 55% of all American households and lead to higher costs for 30% of senior households, 27% of small businesses and 26% of low-income households.

Once again, in their mad dash to “go green,” the Biden administration is proving it could care less about the elderly, the poor, or small businesses.

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