James Carville gave Democrats one brutal message about wokeness that shocked everyone

Mar 28, 2024

The time for tough conversations is here for Democrats, with Joe Biden’s campaign struggling.

Now one of the party’s veterans had to give his side a wake-up call.

And James Carville gave Democrats one brutal message about wokeness that shocked everyone.

Democrats are trying to figure out a way to turn things around before President Joe Biden leads the party off a cliff in the 2024 Election.

Biden’s fallen behind former President Donald Trump in most national and swing state polls.

That’s why veteran Democrat strategist James Carville – a former advisor to Bill Clinton during his Presidency – decided to give his party a reality check about wokeness.

Carville says wokeness is costing Democrats support

In an interview with New York Times opinion columnist Maureen Dowd, Carville said that wokeness was pushing people, especially men, away from the Democrat Party.

He said that the “woke stuff is killing us”, making Democrats seem out of touch to the average American by using snooty terms like “Latinx” and “communities of color.”

“There are a lot of people on the Left that would rather lose and be pure because it makes them feel good, it makes them feel superior,” Carville said.

He added that no one wants to live by the rules of wokeness that Democrats are trying to force on society.

“No one wants to live like this,” Carville said. “Who ever thought it was a good idea to tell people you can’t hug them or you’ve got to be careful or you’ve got to think about names to call them other than the name you know them by? There’s nothing wrong with me being white or you being white or them being Black or me being male or you being female. It’s a giant, stupid argument.”

Preachy Democrat women driving male voters away

Poll after poll shows that Biden is hemorrhaging support from black voters, especially non-college-educated black men.

Carville speculated that the rise of women in the Democrat Party who are constant scolds has something to do with it.

“A suspicion of mine is that there are too many preachy females,” Carville said about Democrats. “‘Don’t drink beer. Don’t watch football. Don’t eat hamburgers. This is not good for you.’ The message is too feminine: ‘Everything you’re doing is destroying the planet. You’ve got to eat your peas.’”

He said listening to National Public Radio (NPR,) he could see how feminine Democrats have become.

“If you listen to Democratic elites — NPR is my go-to place for that — the whole talk is about how women, and women of color, are going to decide this election. I’m like: ‘Well, 48 percent of the people that vote are males. Do you mind if they have some consideration?’” Carville asked.

Carville didn’t pull any punches about the dismal poll numbers for Biden.

“When I look at these polling numbers, it’s like walking in on your grandma naked. You can’t get the image out of your mind,” Carville remarked.

It remains to be seen if Democrats will heed the advice of the 79-year-old former Clinton strategist.

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