Gavin Newsom made one big green energy blunder that is going to blow up in his face

Mar 18, 2024

California is trying to lead the way for the Democrats’ green energy revolution.

One major problem is poised to wreak havoc. 

And Gavin Newsom made one big green energy blunder that is going to blow up in his face.

California has the most aggressive electric vehicle agenda in the country.

The goal is to take everything powered by gas off of the road as soon as possible.

A pending California electric mandate is going to be a catastrophe for the entire country.

Electric mandate for semi-trucks coming to California

The California Air Resources Board issued a sweeping regulation known as Advanced Clean Fleet in 2022 to phase out the use of diesel-powered semi-trucks for electric vehicles.

California became the first government in the world to begin the process of phasing out diesel semi-trucks.

California Governor Gavin Newsom boasted that his state was making history with the regulation.

“The future happens here first, and California is once again showing the world what real climate action looks like,” Newsom ranted. “Last year, our state approved one of the world’s first regulations requiring all new car sales to be zero emissions. Now, with these actions requiring all new heavy-duty truck sales to be zero emission and tackling train pollution in our state, we’re one step closer to achieving healthier neighborhoods and cleaner air for all Californians.”

California’s electric truck mandate is a catastrophe waiting to happen

The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) published a study that found that California’s electric semi-truck mandate would drive up costs for Americans everywhere, push the state’s electrical grid to the point of collapse, and require more than 30 years’ worth of minerals.

ATRI found that switching all of California’s semi-trucks and vehicles to electric would take up about 57% of all the electricity generated in the state.

California’s grid is already struggling to keep up with demand after the state imposed green energy mandates for wind and solar power.

In 2022, shortly after the state announced its plans to ban the sale of new gas-powered vehicles, electric providers warned electric vehicle owners not to charge them during a heatwave because it could cause rolling blackouts.

The current grid would collapse under a mass transition to electric vehicles.

To produce the electric semi-trucks for the Advanced Clean Fleet mandate, it could take 35 years to mine the necessary cobalt, graphite, lithium, and nickel for their batteries at current production rates.

If the electric semi-trucks made it into service it would be a disaster for the entire country.

California has the main ports for goods that are shipped in from Asia before they’re eventually transported around the U.S.

Trucking companies would have to pay double the amount for an electric truck compared to a diesel.

California’s electricity rates – which are more than double the national average – cost more than twice as much per mile than diesel.

That increased cost would be passed along to consumers, driving up the price of goods.

The bottom line is that California’s Advanced Clean Fleet mandate is going to be a costly debacle for the nation.

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