Gavin Newsom is facing an investigation after he was caught in this corrupt scheme

Mar 8, 2024

Gavin Newsom is watching his political future collapse in scandal.

His dreams of running for President are hanging by a thread. 

Now Gavin Newsom is facing an investigation after he was caught in this corrupt scheme.

California Governor Gavin Newsom is facing calls for an investigation after he was caught red-handed in an act of corruption.

That’s because Newsom got caught red-handed giving one of his billionaire donors a carve-out in a bill raising the minimum wage for fast food workers.

Newsom gets a wealthy donor a favor

California passed a bill in 2023 that raised the minimum wage for fast food workers in the state to $20 an hour.

The standard minimum wage for the state is $16 an hour.

Billionaire Greg Flynn, a major donor to Newsom, began to lobby the California Governor against the bill.

Flynn is the largest franchisee of restaurant chains in the country and owns more than two dozen Panera Bread locations in California.

Newsom’s office worked to insert an obscure exemption to the fast-food minimum wage law while it was working its way through the state legislature after Flynn reached out.

Any restaurant that has an on-site bakery and sells bread as a stand-alone item would be exempt from paying the higher fast-food minimum wage.

Exempting Panera Bread would potentially save Flynn hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in labor costs.

Newsom tried to ignore the story but it was picked up by the national media.

He told KCRA 3 that the carveout for bread was “part of the sausage making . . . part of the negotiations.”

Newsom’s office claimed that Panera wasn’t exempt from the fast-food minimum wage but state records showed that the chain was on the exempt list. 

Calls for an investigation into Gavin Newsom grow

Now California Republican legislators are demanding that Attorney General Rob Bonta open an investigation into Newsom’s links to Flynn after the Panera scandal.

They sent a letter to Bonta that said the bread exemption “puzzled industry experts, as it appears to lack any justification based on the unique characteristics of such restaurants.”

The letter pointed out that Flynn “contributed tens of thousands of dollars to the governor’s re-election campaign” during the months the fast-food minimum wage bill was working its way through the legislature.

Republican State Senator Scott Wilk said the “arbitrary carve-out smacks of pay-to-play politics, and should be looked at seriously to determine if that’s indeed what happened.”

The California Attorney General’s office said they were reviewing the letter and the allegations.

Gavin Newsom has eyes on running for national office someday.

But his scandals and mismanagement of California could doom his Presidential ambitions.

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