Donald Trump gave one clue about who could be his running mate that no one saw coming

Feb 8, 2024

Speculation is growing about who Donald Trump could pick as his running mate.

His choice could be off of everyone’s radar. 

And Donald Trump gave one clue about who could be his running mate that no one saw coming.

One of the questions swirling around the 2024 Election is who former President Donald Trump will pick as his running mate.

Trump has kept his cards close to his vest about who could join him on the ticket.

He told NBC News in an interview last year that he liked the idea of picking a woman but that he would ultimately pick the best person for the job.

Fox News host Maria Bartiromo asked Trump how he would go about choosing his running mate during an interview.

The criteria

“What criteria are you using to identify who your running mate is?” Bartiromo asked.

“Always it’s gotta be who is going to be a good President. Obviously, you always have to think that, because in case of emergency. Things happen, right? No matter who you are, things happen. That’s gotta be number one,” Trump replied.

Trump said that he wasn’t in a rush to announce his pick and that there are a lot of great people in the Republican Party to choose from.

Bartiromo asked him if he’d decided on a running mate.

“I haven’t, and there’s no reason,” Trump responded.

The former President praised Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) and South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem while saying he talks to everyone in the GOP.

“You know, I called Tim Scott and people like Tim Scott, and I said you’re a much better candidate for me than you are for yourself,” Trump said. “When I watched him, he was fine. He was good, but he was very low key.”

Scott endorsed Trump for President and campaigned for him before the New Hampshire Primary.

“I watched him in the last week, defending me and sticking up for me and fighting for me – I said, man, you’re a much better person for me than you are for yourself,” Trump added.

Still too timid?

Trump explained that Scott was timid as a Presidential candidate but became a fierce fighter serving as a surrogate for him. 

Loyalty is going to be a key trait in Trump’s pick for his running mate after his high-profile fallout with former Vice President Mike Pence over January 6.

“Kristi Noem has been incredible fighting for me,” Trump said. “She said, I’d never run against him because I can’t beat him. That was a very nice thing to say.”

Noem and Scott are seemingly on the list of potential Vice Presidential candidates including Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, and Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH).

The battle to become Donald Trump’s running mate is going to heat up as the General Election draws closer.

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