DOJ now targeting thousands of Americans who were simply near the Capitol on January 6 for this shocking reason

Jan 12, 2024

Joe Biden’s administration remains hell-bent on targeting Trump supporters and anyone who opposes the Biden regime.

They have gone after Christians, pro-lifers, gun owners, small farmers, and homesteaders in their zeal to shut down opposition.

Now the DOJ is targeting thousands of Americans who were simply near the Capitol on January 6 for this shocking reason.

Joe Biden has weaponized and politicized the DOJ into a jackbooted police force for the Democrats.

Targeting Americans for even being near the Capitol

U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Matthew Graves held a news conference on the 3rd anniversary of the January 6 Capitol protest.

“It’s been three years since a violent mob attacked our Capitol,” Graves, a Biden appointee, began.

Graves then thanked the public for assisting the FBI in identifying January 6 protestors and announced even more peaceful Capitol protesters would be arrested.

“An important note about those who remained outside the [Capitol] building,” Graves said. “We have used our prosecutorial discretion and to primarily to focus on those who entered the building, are those who engaged in violent or rough conduct on Capitol grounds.”

Of course, according to the Biden DOJ anyone who was even in attendance is considered violent or rough, meanwhile actual violent criminals, and actual terrorists, are allowed to roam the streets freely.

But Graves wasn’t done.

He went on to say the DOJ is now going to target thousands of Americans who were around the Capitol on January 6, but did not even enter the building.

He continued, “But, if a person knowingly entered a restricted area without authorization, they had already committed a federal crime. Make no mistake, thousands of people occupying the area that they were not authorized to be present in in the first place.”

Joe Biden uses Valley Forge to announce crackdown on liberty

But the announcement by Graves about a further sweep of Americans wasn’t the only announcement.

Just one day after Graves’ press conference where he threatened to arrest thousands more peaceful Trump supporters who didn’t enter the Capitol building, Joe Biden went to Valley Forge to brag about locking up peaceful January 6 protestors.

Biden even bragged about pro-Trump protesters being sentenced to 840 years in prison.

Biden said “Since that day more than 1,200 people have been charged for assaulting the Capitol. More than 900 have been convicted or pleaded guilty. Collectively to date, they have been sentenced to more than 840 years in prison.”

Of course, Biden ignored the fact that most January 6 protestors peacefully strolled through the Capitol only after being waved in by police.

Yet they were hunted down, charged, arrested, and either convicted, or still sit in prison with no court date.

And Biden ignored the most unfortunate fact of all – that the only person killed that day was a veteran, Ashli Babbit, who was shot and killed by police, even though she was unarmed and posed no threat.

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