Bill Gates just joined this major credit card company to test vaccine passports in Africa with the U.S. in their sights

Dec 27, 2023

The COVID pandemic showed us the real goals of the one-world globalists.

And it’s not just the governments of the world who are determined to use every crisis to tamp down on our liberties.

Now Bill Gates just joined this major credit card company to test vaccine passports in Africa with the U.S. in their sights.

The Bill Gates-funded Gavi, also known as the Vaccine Alliance, has joined with Mastercard and some Non-Governmental Organizations to test out a digital vaccine passport in Africa called the Wellness Pass.

A testing ground for the rest of the world 

The African continent has been a testing ground for Big Pharma to test drugs and programs for decades.

The tests on the African continent are largely hidden from the prying eyes of journalists and government regulators.

And billionaires like Gates, and massive globalist corporations, are willing to shell out millions of dollars to cash strapped countries to allow them to conduct their tests.

The latest test is the vaccine passport, which its promoters are claiming is a good way to track patients in “underserved communities” across “multiple touchpoints.” 

It is part of an effort by major corporations like Mastercard to try and force people into a cashless digital ID system.

The overriding goal is to automate compliance with pharmaceutical regimens and increase dependency on the globalist non-governmental entities.

Gates’ Gavi is the leading partner and “catalyst” for the initiative.

They and Mastercard, “acting in the capacity of technology partner,” rolled out tests of the Wellness Pass in Mauritania and Ethiopia claiming the initiative is merely a way of “efficiently delivering vaccines to millions of children, tracking identity and immunization records in a digitized manner and incentivizing the delivery of vaccines.”

Trying to avoid financial risk

Gavi, originally named the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization, has provided children in the third world with non-mRNA vaccinations. 

But there are important reasons they operate mostly in relatively unregulated regions.

They have worked to both limit big pharmaceutical companies’ financial risk regarding the COVID-19 vaccine and they provide cover for experimentation by globalist corporations and NGOs.

Bill Gates’ eagerness to create a future where digital passports cause widespread acceptance of new vaccines has increased the suspicions of many that his testing of the vaccine passport initiative is just the beginning.

Many now rightfully fear he is just testing vaccine passports in order to usher them into use worldwide, including here in the United States.

Destroying our God-given freedoms

To most observers, Gates is taking the first steps in his ongoing efforts to take away our God-given freedoms.

In addition to sending more than $1.8 billion to Gavi between 2021 and this year, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has continued to bankroll other similar initiatives around the world.

The Gates Foundation even helped fund the World Health Organization’s 2021 “Digital Documentation of COVID-19 Certificates: Vaccination Status” guidance. 

This WHO program discussed the deployment of a vaccine passport “solution to address the immediate needs of the pandemic but also to build digital health infrastructure that can be a foundation for digital vaccination certificates beyond COVID-19.” 

And don’t think Gates isn’t willing to go to almost any lengths to promote his digital passports and tracking programs.

He currently gives the WHO almost as much yearly financing as the U.S. government.

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