All hell broke loose after the DOJ refused to meet a Congressional deadline to turn over this Biden transcript

Feb 23, 2024

The Biden administration may be the most lawless Presidency in history.

And this includes the Department of Justice, which continues to ignore the law at every turn.

And hell broke loose after the DOJ refused to meet a Congressional deadline to turn over this Biden transcript.

Joe Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) failed to turn over the transcript of Biden’s interview with special counsel Robert Hur after the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees requested it.

Willful disregard of the law

The House Oversight Committee requested the transcript by letter on February 12.

The Committee set a deadline of Monday, February 19 at 5 p.m. for the DOJ to respond. 

But the Daily Caller was told by Congressional sources that the DOJ did not turn over the transcript or other documents in the report that were requested.

“We haven’t received what we requested and everything is on the table as to what is next,” a Judiciary committee spokesperson told the Daily Caller.

And an Oversight Committee spokesperson told the Daily Caller, “The DOJ has not provided the materials requested and the committees will soon follow up about the chairmen’s request.” 

So far, the DOJ has refused to respond to multiple requests for a comment on the failure to comply.

If any normal American citizen did the same, they would face jail time, but the lawless DOJ believes it is above the law.

Hur released his special counsel report on February 8 in which he detailed Biden’s handling of classified documents. 

Pointing out Biden’s declining mental state

Hur decided not to pursue charges against the President, in part because of his noting of Biden’s declining mental state.

In a five-hour rambling interview with the President on October 8-9, Hur noted that Biden seemed to forget when his Vice Presidency began and ended as well as even when his late son, Beau Biden, died.

Hur’s report also stated that if Biden were to appear before a jury, he would present himself as a “sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.” 

The White House has since criticized Hur’s report and its characterization of Biden’s memory.

They even went so far as to claim the report was “flatly wrong,” “inappropriate,” and “gratuitous.”

And Biden himself addressed the report in a press conference, during which a visibly angry Biden blamed his staff and took no responsibility for mishandling classified documents.

Biden even laughably tried to claim concerns about his mental faculties are nothing more than a fabrication by the media.

“Things that appeared in my garage, things that came out of my home, things that were moved, were moved not by me, but my staff, but my staff,” Biden said.

“That is your judgment! That is your judgment! That is not the judgment of the press!” he shouted in response to a question about his memory, then moments later he mixed up the Presidents of Egypt and Mexico.

Joe Biden seems to have also forgotten that the media is as pro-Biden as they come, so if he feels the press is adversarial, that’s just the state of how bad things really are.

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