A Trump official exposed this shocking fact about how much electric vehicles cost everyone

Mar 28, 2024

Democrats are hell-bent on trying to force drivers to make the switch to electric.

The damage this push is causing is spreading further than anyone imagined. 

And a Trump official exposed this shocking fact on how electric vehicles cost everyone.

President Joe Biden has used a combination of tax incentives and heavy-handed government mandates to try and spur purchases of electric vehicles.

These Bidenmobiles are piling up on the lots of dealerships across the country because of weak consumer demand.

And even though most drivers are giving them the cold shoulder, everyone is paying the price for Biden’s radical agenda.

Electric Vehicles drive up car insurance rates for everyone

Electric vehicles have higher rates for car insurance because they have higher purchase prices and more costly repairs than gasoline-powered equivalents.

Breitbart Economics Editor John Carney explained that electric vehicles are raising everyone’s insurance rates during an interview with Fox Business host Larry Kudlow – a former economic advisor in the Trump administration.

Kudlow pointed out the Biden Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) new electric vehicle mandate would drive up prices.

“You wipe out gas-powered cars and stick EVs in, that is inflationary,” Kudlow said. “You get nothing but higher prices for everything across the board.”

The new EPA mandate means that the majority of cars sold in the country by 2032 would need to be electric.

Carney said that electric vehicles were already hitting consumers in the wallet.

“A lot of people have been noticing that auto insurance is way up,” Carney said. “The more you get [of EVs], the higher auto insurance comes out because EVs are very expensive to repair once you get in a wreck.”

Everyone with car insurance is paying a higher price to repair these novelty vehicles for the wealthy coastal elite.

“So, you’re going to see that auto insurance number keep climbing,” Carney continued. “I’m told by people in auto insurance that that’s been one of the drivers of why auto insurance inflation is so high because it’s so much more expensive to repair a car today than it was 10 years ago.”

Consumer Reports found that electric vehicles have 80% more maintenance problems than gasoline-powered vehicles, according to a survey of drivers.

The expensive repairs on these Bidenmobiles are causing the price of car insurance to spike.

Car insurance soaring under Biden

Car insurance premiums are soaring since Biden took office in 2021, up 21% over the past year, according to the February Consumer Price Index (CPI) report.

Now it’s become one of the categories of the CPI with the biggest increases under Biden.

Driving this increase is a jump in automobile thefts from the crime wave that’s swept over the country from Democrats’ pro-crime policies and an increase in the number of accidents involving uninsured and drivers without licenses – which comes after the country saw a massive spike in illegal immigration from the Biden border crisis.

Joe Biden’s disastrous policies are causing Americans to pay more of their hard-earned money for car insurance.

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