A Texas man took this one action that had alleged car burglars scurry away in fear

Jan 25, 2024

Americans are getting more and more frustrated with the growing violent crime wave in the streets.

And they are starting to fight back as leftist policies have hampered the police.

That’s why a Texas man took this one action that had alleged car burglars scurry away in fear.

A Texas man says he scared away a group of car burglars with his AR-15.

A warning to all criminals

He also offered a warning to anyone else who might try to commit crimes in his neighborhood.

Terry Willis told KHOU-TV that he was alerted to the presence of strangers by his home surveillance cameras in Cypress, a suburb of Houston.

There had been previous reports of car break-ins in the neighborhood, so Willis grabbed his AR-15 rifle and went outside to confront the would-be robbers.

The surveillance video showed the suspected burglars going around to numerous parked cars and pulling on door handles to see if any were unlocked.

Here is the video of the incident:

“I had a UTV that was on the back of the truck, hooked to it, and they had got up into the side-by-side and were trying to take it off of the trailer,” Willis said.

The video shows Willis walking outside with his rifle. 

He said that he warned the suspects, and they quickly ran off.

“I told them, I said, I don’t think you want to do this,” said Willis. “I racked the bolt back, put the shell in the chamber.”

Video shows them scurrying away from the scene after Willis’ warning.

“They were leaving and that was what I wanted, I wanted them away from here, I don’t want to kill somebody but if it comes to that to protect my family, I will,” Willis said.

A lot of experience with guns

Willis went on to say that he had a lot of experience with guns throughout his life.

“For approximately 20 years, I’ve had a concealed weapons permit. I’ve also been through hunter safety courses. I’ve built guns. I’ve built the ARs,” he said.

The incident did not result in any property damage, and no one was injured due to Willis’ actions and to the wise decision of the suspects to flee.

Police are currently seeking help from the public to try and identify the suspects.

Willis also had a stark warning for anyone else who might come to his neighborhood looking to commit crimes.

“I’ve worked for 40 years of my life. Everything that I’ve got . . . never stole anything and I’m just not taking it anymore,” he said.

“This isn’t the place to come because we’re tired of it,” Willis concluded.

And that is the growing sentiment across the nation.

People are sick and tired of wanton crime sprees and a justice system that cares more about hunting down and arresting little old ladies for praying, or Trump supporters who did nothing other than attend a rally.

If things don’t turn around soon there will be more Americans taking action, and maybe that is exactly how it should be.

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