A self-described climate change reporter just launched an attack on house plants for one shocking reason

Jan 18, 2024

It seems the go green at any cost lobby will do anything they can to promote their radical agenda.

But sometimes they go so far the American people are left in stunned bewilderment.

Like when this self-described climate change reporter just launched an attack on house plants for one shocking reason.

Nicolas Rivero, who works as a “climate change reporter” and is with the Society of Environmental Journalists, has now claimed that houseplants can increase carbon emissions.

The war on houseplants has now launched

Specifically, Rivero claims houseplants ordered from non-local sources increase emissions due to transportation and other factors. 

Rivero says that consumers should stop ordering plants grown at commercial suppliers and instead participate in local plant swaps, buy biodegradable pots, use sustainable soils, and avoid petroleum-based fertilizers.

“There are plenty of benefits to raising indoor houseplants,” Rivero wrote. “But, ironically, greening indoor spaces can also come at an environmental cost. The trucks that transport plants spew carbon emissions, plastic pots and synthetic fertilizers are made from petroleum, and the harvesting of soil components like peat can tear up slow-forming habitats.”

Rivero pointedly asserted indoor plant buyers should stop ordering plants grown at commercial suppliers in Florida and California.

“One of the least sustainable soil components is peat, a rich brown substance formed from partially decayed plant matter at the bottom of bogs and other wetlands. Gardening guides recommend using peat as part of the soil mix for many plants because it retains water and adds structure to the soil,” he advised. “But peat, which is a precursor to the formation of coal, releases carbon dioxide when it is harvested, and it’s not easily renewable.”

Rivero’s article recently appeared in the left-wing Washington Post, and it immediately garnered criticism from conservative outlets like Fox Business and a number of conservative commentators.

Ramping up the climate change propaganda

And it comes at a time that mainstream corporate media outlets are rapidly increasing the amount of coverage they are giving to so-called climate change stories. 

In fact, an analysis from the United Nations has found that global media coverage of climate change stories across fifty-nine countries increased from 47,000 articles between 2016 and 2017 to at least 87,000 articles between 2020 and 2021.

That’s almost double the coverage in just three years.

And this increase is occurring even as major portions of the climate change agenda are coming under increasing attack.

In just the past few weeks EVs, wind turbines, and solar have all come under fire for cost overruns, system failures, and poor performance.

Of course, it also comes while more and more deadlines claiming the world would end have passed with no world ending event in sight.

The radical green lobby has tried to end the consumption of meat, ban gas-powered vehicles, and even ban gas stoves.

All have been met with failure for the movement.

But these continual failures don’t matter to the mainstream media who have simply become the PR arm of the radical leftist activists. 

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