A bloody NASCAR fight ended with death threats as Bubba Wallace blasted “dumba**” fans

Dec 29, 2023

NASCAR has had a bumpy ride over the last few years.

It turns out going full woke wasn’t the best course for the once proud racing circuit.

And the 2023 season, including a bloody NASCAR fight, ended with death threats as Bubba Wallace blasted “dumba**” fans.

Tensions were running high during the 2023 NASCAR season.

NASCAR made a woke wrong turn

Much of the turmoil in the sport was self-inflicted.

Starting with the fake Bubba Wallace noose controversy and NASCAR’s woke response, things have not been going full speed for the brand.

NASCAR responded to the phony noose news by banning the Confederate flag at all races, while promoting the Gay Pride flag.

They also bashed their own fans in order to appease the woke leftist cancel culture crowd.

NASCAR even fired one of the most popular drivers for simply liking a post on social media.

Ratings are down, attendance is down, and tempers are high.

No wonder the 2023 season included what some are calling the “greatest fight of all time.”

Whether it was the greatest of all time or not, it was certainly bloody and even ended with death threats.

The fight in question took place at Talladega in October, and included a couple relatively unknown drivers in the NASCAR Truck series.

Attempted murder at Talladega

Truck driver Nick Sanchez seemingly tried to murder fellow driver Matt Crafton during an otherwise bright and sunny Alabama race.

And the fight was a show of pure, terrifying anger that resulted in an actual death threat.

Sanchez screamed at Crafton, “I’m gonna f–king kill you at Homestead! You f–ked with the wrong guy, motherf–ker!”

When asked after the altercation if he had made a real death threat, Sanchez responded with a line used by criminals, he pleaded the fifth.

“We’re not answering that,” Sanchez said.

But this fight in the Truck series wasn’t even the lowlight of the NASCAR season.

That belongs to disgraced driver Bubba Wallace.

Wallace attacks “dumba**” NASCAR fans

Probably nothing sums up the current state of NASCAR more than Bubba Wallace attacking the very fans whose patronage allows the privileged driver to earn a living.

Wallace became the most hated driver in all of NASCAR after he falsely claimed someone had hung a noose in his garage.

After a full blown FBI investigation it turned out to be what most fans knew it was from the beginning, the pull down rope on his garage door.

But that didn’t stop NASCAR from turning on their own fans by responding to the hoax with a series of woke BLM backed changes.

And Wallace is still at it.

Wallace called out all the “Dumba** Race Fans” (DARFS!) saying they keep moving the goalposts on him. 

He may not be an elite driver, but he is certainly an elite trouble maker.

And he’s become an expert at attacking America and Americans.

The way Wallace, and NASCAR, are going, it’s no wonder TV coverage of races rarely pans to the bleachers anymore.

There is no advantage to them showing empty stands and missing fans.

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